Even stars need a little help sometimes. Camila Cabello – the popular singer now known for her starring role in Cinderella  – just announced that she is searching for recipes and advice on how to cook a vegan Thanksgiving. Cabello claims she shifted her diet to focus on eating healthier, plant-based options with encouragement from her former boyfriend (now best friend) Shawn Mendes, and now she needs help cooking her first vegan Thanksgiving dinner. So she went to the airwaves to ask for suggestions for Turkey Day without the bird or any animal products.

The singer and actress appeared on the Home Cooking podcast earlier this week, where she talked to Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirwey about her troubles for the upcoming holiday. The star highlighted how difficult it is to find ethically-sourced meat, inspiring her to work towards a healthy and sustainable holiday feast.

Cabello called in to say that “this is going to be [her] first time cooking Thanksgiving dinner,” asking listeners if there is “anything you suggest for a vegan dinner that some people in the family who aren’t vegan will still enjoy?” The star intends to persuade her family to try plant-based foods, but she wants to ensure that it’s tasty enough to appeal to her extended family.

Cabello decided to ask her fans and listeners of the podcast to contribute to her plant-based holiday endeavor, claiming that she faced past difficulty when cooking plant-based meals. Over the past few years, the young star started transitioning to eating more vegetables and fruits, shifting away from an animal-based dominant diet.

“I’ve had Beyond Meat on a vegan burrito with a bit of cheese and it tastes amazing. It tastes just like meat,” Cabello said. “But then when I try to do it myself, something tastes like plastic to me. So maybe I just need to add more spices.”

Why You Should Consider a Vegan Thanksgiving

Vegan Thanksgiving can initially appear like an overwhelming task, but several chefs, companies, and organizations have started helping promote a plant-based feast. Whole Foods teamed up with chef Chloe Coscarelli for the second year in a row to prepare Thanksgiving dishes that feature exclusively plant-based ingredients. Whether included as supplemental dishes or Thanksgiving mainstay, Coscarelli and Whole Foods’ collaboration aims to help consumers nationwide – like Cabello – host a vegan Thanksgiving dinner.

There’s plenty of reasons to consider adopting a plant-based diet for the Thanksgiving feast. Beyond the nutritional and cost-effective factors, one report from Brightly recently revealed the carbon footprint of a Thanksgiving dinner in an attempt to encourage American families to consider dropping turkey from the table. The turkey alone accounted for 64 pounds of CO2 emissions out of the total 103 pounds of CO2 emissions total.

Vegan Thanksgiving Recipes for Everyone, Including Camila Cabello

Check out The Beet’s Vegan Thanksgiving Guide to make sure that the Thanksgiving table is filled with delicious plant-based dishes that the entire family will enjoy. The guide features 25 allergen-friendly Thanksgiving dishes to replace the typically animal-based filled foods that dominate the holidays. From vegan Mac n Cheese and Easy Vegan Stuffing to Vegan Wellington and Stuffed Quinoa and Lentil Acorn Squash, our roundup showcases everything from sides to main dishes to make everyone including Camila Cabello a plant-forward Thanksgiving feast.

31 Delicious, Plant-Based Recipes to Make on Repeat

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