The Beet is your all-in-one guide to eating a more plant-based diet. If you want to boost your energy, feel your best, and reach your personal health and wellness goals by adding more plants, we’re here to help.

We're a new plant-based platform where food, health, news, reviews, expert advice and the culture meet. The Beet covers everything from restaurants to eat vegan near you, to the latest food products that make it even easier to eat plant-based, to which whole foods to eat daily to get the right amount of protein, iron and other essential nutrients.

Eating more plants is great for you— whether you’ve just tried your first Beyond Burger or you’re already eating plant-based a few days a week, whether you call yourself a vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, flexitarian, plant-leaning or plant-based, you’ll find what you need to reach your goals on The Beet. The more you know, the more you care about where your food comes from, the practices used in farming, and how our food choices impact the planet, climate change and the ethical treatment of animals. Whatever your motivation or situation, The Beet is here to get you further on your own plant-based journey.

Whatever your motivation: To be healthier, to lose weight, to feel less bloated, to be heart-healthy, to get off the meds, to eat for the environment, to align with your value system, or for some other reason (do tell me what your motivation is—email me at, we here at The Beet can help guide you toward your plant-based eating goals.

We believe that eating a whole-food, plant-based diet can be healthy and delicious. You don't need to subsist on avocado toast and hummus alone. Filling your plate with mostly vegetables, legumes, grains, nuts and fruits is beneficial to you and the planet, which is why 80% of Americans are trying to eat more plant-based foods, according to a study done by Numerator. No matter what your eating habits, you can try it—today.

On The Beet you’ll find:

  • Daily recipes that are quick, easy, economical and delicious
  • Product news on the latest plant-based foods launching every day
  • Nutritionist-approved advice on how to get enough protein, calcium, and iron
  • The exact foods to eat and the ones to avoid to have all-day energy
  • What to watch, read and which social accounts to follow to be inspired
  • First-person stories of real people who have transformed their health
  • The latest in sustainable fashion, cruelty-free beauty, and eco-friendly home goods
  • Which ingredients to keep on hand in your pantry for quick, healthy meals
  • How to find veg near you by using our handy tool to search for vegan options
  • Inspiration from your favorite celebrities, athletes and designers living a plant-based lifestyle and loving it.

And check out The Beet Meter, where we give you the real deal on what's healthy, what's tasty and what leaves a little to be desired. (Not all vegan food is good for you...and that's where we come in. We'll show you what to savor and what to steer clear of.) Chime in with your vote and add to the crowdsourced Beet Meter score. We'd love to know what you think of all the plant-based milk choices, ice creams, and other products—and together we'll create the one-stop resource people need and trust.

No labels necessary. Anyone is welcome to comment and engage, share your favorite snack, story or helpful hack. At The Beet, we welcome all plant-based eaters, at every stage, age, level and plant-eating approach, whether you've had your first Beyond Burger or been eating vegan for years, and we invite you to share your journey, to be healthier, happier and live better, one plant at a time.

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Who's behind The Beet? I am, with a team of smart, savvy content people (our editors are all plant-based eaters) dedicated to helping you feel and look your best—all by adding more plants to your diet. I was the longtime editor-in-chief of SELF magazine, and now I’m trying to eat this way, too. I've been following a plant-based diet since May 1. Prior to that, I was basically pescatarian but also somewhat addicted to cheese. Sidenote: I've lost weight and I feel more energetic, less bloated and a recent trip to the doctor showed that my cholesterol had dropped by about 35 percent in just the first month.

Diets—in the strictest definition of the term—are not for me. What is? A healthy lifestyle and a commitment to investing time and energy into sustaining that lifestyle for the longterm. I've read the science, and I'm convinced that a whole-food, plant-based approach is the healthiest way to eat, from what we know now about the benefits of plant-based nutrients on every cell in our bodies (hint: it all comes down to fiber!).

I'm not perfect, but I eat plant-based 95 percent of the time. When I choose to cheat it’s usually with a little cheese on my pasta. (And when my host or a restaurant puts a light dusting of parmesan on my kale salad, I won’t send it back.) This plan works for me and keeps me happy (and sane!)—and not locked into rigid rules.

Let's make The Beet great — together. Please email me with any comments, requests or thoughtful critiques about how to make The Beet better. See that tote bag below? Give me an excuse to make a whole bunch of them. Sign up for The Beet newsletter and we'll send 10 lucky subscribers a limited-edition bag. Want to buy yours? I'm taking orders. Email me your interest, or anything else you want me to know about, improve upon, or just to say hi.

See ya on The Beet!

Lucy Danziger
Editorial Director

A note about our contributors, experts and writers: It's our aim to bring you the best ideas, recipes, expert advice and practical solutions to help you get closer to your own plant-based goals. That said, our experts may be plant-based, vegan or vegetarian. What they cover here will be fully plant-based, with no animal products included (unless we are trying to show you the comparison of an Impossible Whopper to the original Whopper on a chart, for instance). What these experts include on their own feeds or for other media outlets is up to them, and we respect their choices (so we don't ask them to conform to our philosophy when they are posting elsewhere). We have lined up plant-based doctors and nutritionists, writers and taste-testers. If you would like to contribute, please email me and suggest story ideas.

Like Dr. T. Colin Campbell, I agree that eating a mostly plant-based diet is healthiest for us and the planet, and the more people who try to do it, the better off we'll be. The best way to do that? Be inclusive and welcome anyone heading in that direction. After all, you have to get them into the tent before you start the revival. We hope that you'll appreciate the inclusive approach we take here and that you'll join us on the journey to getting more people to embrace the plant-based life, on The Beet.

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