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The latest health news on the benefits of eating a plant-based diet to prevent and lower your risk of heart disease, obesity, cancer and more.

Everything You Need to Know About Weight Loss on a Plant-Based Diet
With 60 percent of Americans wanting to get healthier and 51 percent aiming to lose weight this year, according to a survey, the question is: Which diet is best to both lose weight and get healthy? When considering foods that help you lose weight, science now tells us a plant-based diet works best for weight loss compared to other diets, including the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. Studies show
Does Turkey Make You Sleepy? Or Is It a Myth? Here’s What to Eat Instead
Thanksgiving is a great time of year to connect with family and friends, eat turkey, and ... nap. If after eating turkey you feel ready to fall asleep midsentence like Dorothy in the field of poppies in the famous scene in The Wizard of Oz, it may not be due to the L-tryptophan, an essential amino acid in the turkey that has the effect on your brain of a sleep drug. In fact, L-tryptop...
Mushrooms May Help Reduce the Risk of Depression, New Study Finds
Mushrooms are one of the most mysterious foods on the planet, the fruity spores of fungi that grow up from the forest floor, or on the barks of trees – like little stacked terraces – as shade dwellers that now, according to science, provide some of the most powerful health benefits of any natural food we can eat. Past studies have id...
Here’s How Much Zinc You Need to Boost Immunity Right Now
Got zinc? That may be the question of the moment, especially if you’re popping zinc supplements like candy in hopes of building your immune system. Yet immune function is a complicated topic, and while having the right amount of zinc on board could help prevent infections, taking excess zinc may not be the best strategy. What i...

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