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Find the best Plant-based and Vegan restaurants near you, local city guides to find the best vegan food and locate plant-based destinations.

No matter where you live — or visit, we’ll help you find the perfect place to satiate your cravings and keep your diet plant-based. Use this guide to find the vegan restaurants, bars, and more closest to you. Whether you’re making travel plans or simply a week-night snack run, we’ve got you covered. Find vegan and plant-based places to eat by using the locator below.

The Beet’s Restaurant Guides & Reviews

Watch the Game At LA’s All-Vegan Sports Bar
Sports, like food, can bring people together. That's the idea behind Jason Eisner's fun plant-based sports bar, Put Me In Coach, located in the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. While you don't have to be vegan to love it, you can eat anything you like at this place and …
Matthew Kenney’s Upscale Plant-Based Menu Folia Expands Globally
Celebrity chef Matthew Kenney is bringing his high-end plant-based cuisine to two new Four Seasons Hotels, expanding his concept of a menu within a menu from LA and Bahrain to Kuwait. Through an innovative concept called “Folia,” Kenney will unveil a completely plant-based menu at two more Four Seas…

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