Sona Serves NYC’s Best Indian Food. Here’s How to Make the Chana Masala

|Updated Jan 7, 2023

Perhaps you've heard that Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a partner and co-founder of a chic Indian restaurant in New York City, called Sona. Or maybe you've heard of Sona because of its welcoming, spacious atmosphere, friendly bar scene, and delicious, upscale Indian food. Whether you want to eat traditional dishes or innovative new creations, and whether you prefer plant-based options or a full range of hearty fare, Sona does not disappoint. Check out the Sona menu here.

We recently visited Sona on a mid-winter day and got to sit at the bar to eat the amazing food, and before that, we visited the kitchen, where we were invited to watch Chef Hari Nayak create two of his signature dishes. He showed our small team exactly how to make Gunpowder Gobhi with Cauliflower and Chana Masala with Chickpeas. Check out the Reel below to show exactly how to make the dish at home.

Other than the fact that this extremely accomplished chef (with six cookbooks to his name) is both friendly and efficient, we could have been in a scene out of Hulu's The Bear. The tight kitchen was teaming with activity and the sous-chefs were all busy preparing the dinner menu items ahead.

For the Best Indian Food Head to Sona, NYC

Sona Indian Restaurant at New York's 36 East 20th Street is an oasis where you can enjoy upscale Indian food that ranges from traditional favorites to delightful innovations, with plenty of plant-based options on the menu. Sona is the perfect place to go for a date-night dinner, or even a relaxing lunch since its warm space and lovely atmosphere immediately make you breathe a little easier and enjoy a meal away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

One time when we went to Sona recently we sat near Priyanka's brother-in-law, Joe Jonas, and his wife Sophie Turner. (Any fans of Game of Thrones know her as Sansa Stark.)  In fact, we were seated right next to the duo and tried not to glance sideways once we settled on the banquet, being New Yorkers used to dining among notables.

Within just a few moments, the food arrived and every bite was so delicious and remarkable that it became easier than anticipated to focus on the meal and our own dinner experience than any of the famous faces dotting the room. The people-watching at Sona is great, but the food is even better!

Here's How to Make Sona's Chickpeas, at Home

If you have ever wished you could recreate your favorite restaurant meal at home, consider this your dream come true. We asked Sona's chef to show us his secrets and he obliged. Other than the fact that he had pre-mixed the garlic paste, this recipe was super fast and relatively easy to stir up, in his aluminum bowls and super-hot skillet.

Here's the secret, but if you are ever in New York and want great Indian food, head to Sona. You may or may not see Priyanka, but we guarantee that you will have an amazing meal and experience.

Check out how to make Sona's Gunpowder Gobhi with Cauliflower and Chana Masala.

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