The Beet is your trusted resource for information and inspiration for how to live a more plant-based lifestyle. We report on the latest health studies, product news, and serve up healthier-for-your plant-based recipes every day.

The Beet is a trusted source, edited by respected journalists and editors, lead by Lucy Danziger, formerly Editor-in-Chief of SELF magazine. Our editors and freelancers are dedicated to providing unbiased, useful, science-backed information and the latest reporting that will make it easier for anyone to embrace a more plant-based lifestyle.

We report on the latest scientific research, which supports the fact that a plant-based diet (full of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes) is healthier for humans than one reliant on animal products such as meat and dairy. By eating a plant-based (or plant-centric) diet you will lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and certain cancers such as breast and prostate cancer. One study found that people who eat plant-based are less likely to die prematurely, of all causes, including every lifestyle disease.

The Beet fact checks all health claims made in stories (eating vegetables is good for you) and back up the statements by linking out to peer-reviewed double blind unbiased studies that have appeared in wellrespcted scientific journals such as JAMA and NEJM, etc. When we quote an expert we link to her or his site so you can see what their perspective is and whether it aligns with yours. We also do not quote other publications unless that quote is in quotation marks and linked to the article, such as medical sources reporting on studies or research, such as The Harvard Health Journal.

The Beet welcomes all plant-based consumers, whether new to plant-based eating, or someone is a long-time vegan,or simply trying to eat more greens. We focus on the health benefits of a plant-based diet, but also report on dietary choices that have an impact on the environment. Our experts are credentialed in the nutrition and health fields, and we work with plant-based practitioners, such as Doctors, Registered Dieticians and recipe developers.

The Beet wants to make eating more plant-based approachable, affordable, and easier for people who want to make the switch from a predominantly animal-based diet to a mostly plant-based or plant-leaning diet, on their own terms and time schedule. Some people want to leap in both feet, and others want to take it step by step, meal by meal, or by first eliminating meat and then ditch dairy, etc. If you are trying to eat more plant-based foods, The Beet is here to help. Most Americans (90 percent) do not get their recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. That is a worthy goal.

The Beet believes that if you’re moving in a plant-based direction, you are on a path to a healthy life of finding more energy, wellbeing and reducing your risk of lifestyle disease. Plant-based eating is better for the planet, and raising crops takes less of a toll on the environment than animal agriculture. We don’t ask why you’re here but we welcome you and want to help you on this journey. We are here to help.