Jason Derulo isn't just a chart-topping Grammy-winning singer-songwriter with one of the biggest accounts on TikTok, with over 56 million followers on his page. He is also one of the fittest humans walking on the planet, and like many other famous singers, his approach to healthy nutrition is partly plant-based.

We caught up with Derulo (in an exchange over email) to ask him for his secrets to his fitness and healthy diet success and were surprised to learn that one of the things he relies on is a secret weapon drink that is now widely available.

Along with daily workouts, DeRulo has become a major fan of drinking the natural substance from tree bark called Birch water, which is the active ingredient in a beverage called TREO.

What are the benefits of birch water?

Birch water is derived from the sap of birch trees and provides natural minerals and antioxidants such as manganese and magnesium. Birch water is low in calories and it may even improve skin and hair health, though more research is needed.

Birch sap is naturally sweet, contains minerals, electrolytes, and micronutrients, and is an alternative to coconut water in sports drinks.

Here's what Derulo had to share about this new-found natural hydration choice and why he has come to enjoy more plant-based protein choices in the mix of his healthy diet.

The Beet: Does eating dairy-free make you feel healthier? Have you seen any differences in performance when you eat this way?

Jason Derulo: Since transitioning to eating more plant-based foods, I have noticed that I have a lot more energy. I have noticed that I am able to work out for longer periods of time without breaks.

The Beet: Why do you like plant-based protein?

Jason Derulo: Limiting the amount of dairy in my diet and eating cleaner with the addition of plant–based beverages such as TREO has definitely helped me increase my stamina.

The Beet: What makes you stay fit and build muscle?

Jason Derulo: Before and after a workout, I think it’s super important to hydrate. That’s why I like TREO so much because Birch water, TREO’s star ingredient, is packed with vitamins and minerals to hit hydration goals quicker. In terms of working out and staying fit.

The Beet: How often do you work out?

Jason Derulo: I like to work out twice a day, five to six times a week. I do a mix of cardio and weight training and core exercises.

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