With World Cookie Day this weekend, it is time to indulge, and New York’s signature cookie company is going vegan just in time. The Southhampton-based company Tate’s Bake Shop just revealed its first selection of vegan cookies, shifting its signature products to meet the rising plant-based demand. The company’s new vegan cookies feature Chocolate Chip and Vanilla Maple flavors, providing familiar favorites without any animals products. The cookies – certified vegan by Vegan.org – use egg substitutes and vegan butter to replicate the classic recipes.

Tate’s unveiled the two new cookies on December 1 in preparation for World Cookie Day on December 4. Both flavors are available through Tate’s website, Amazon, and select grocery stores in the Northeast. The company also announced that following its inaugural debut, the vegan cookies will become available at Whole Foods Markets later this month.

“As a brand that is committed to delighting its consumers with delicious new treats, we are very excited to be launching a vegan variety of our cookies,” Chief Marketing Officer of Tate’s Bake Shop Lauren Sella said in a statement. “Tate’s remains committed to providing uncompromising craft-baked quality with all products while meeting the evolving tastes of our customers.”

Founded in 2000, Tate’s popularity now extends far beyond Long Island. The confectionery company was acquired by Mondelez Internation in 2018 for $500 million. Since then, the company’s expansion accelerated, moving into the plant-based sector and enhancing product distribution. The company also recently developed a gluten-free cookie and gained kosher certification from the Orthodox Union.

“After launching our gluten-free cookies more than a decade ago, we look forward to introducing our vegan cookies and continuing to grow with our customers’ changing lifestyles,” Sella said. “We hope that Tate’s premium vegan cookies will appeal to the many incorporating plant-based foods into their choices.”

Tate’s new cookie selection propels the New York bake shop into a rapidly expanding market. Over recent years, the vegan confectionery market has experienced significant growth, mirroring the greater trend towards plant-based eating. A report from Grand View Research found that the global vegan confectionery market was valued at $816 million in 2019. The report found that the market is projected to grow at 11.8 percent CAGR from 2020- 2027.

Companies such as Mondelez are driving the vegan confectionery market to new levels. Several other cookie companies including Insomnia Cookies, Chip NYC, and more have helped bring plant-based cookies into the spotlight. Also, Maya Madsen’s San Diego-based Maya’s Cookies recorded a 10,000 percent sale spike last summer.

Mondelez is also developing the plant-based chocolate sphere. Another subsidiary company Cadbury recently released its first plant-based chocolate bar. The Cadbury Plant Bar featured two flavors: Salted Caramel and Smooth Chocolate. The parent company increased efforts across the entire confectionery industry indicates a broader effort to meet plant-based demands worldwide.

"The increasing public appetite for varied snacking options and plant-based alternatives has never been more apparent," U.K. Managing Director at Mondelez Louise Stigant said. "At Mondelēz, evolving consumer demands have long informed our ambition to provide a wide range of products that work for everyone and the new Cadbury Plant Bar range is the latest stop on this journey.”

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