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Where to eat the best vegan food in your city, plus where to go when you are on the road.

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The Venetian Goes Plant-Based for World Vegan Month
The Venetian is going plant-based for World Vegan Month, introducing more than 50 plant-based dishes across all of the resort’s upscale restaurants. The world-famous hotel and casino announced that its restaurants – Mott 32, Majordomo Meat & Fish, and Bouchon –will begin offering elevated plant-based dishes starting on November 1 for the entire month. The resort’s acclaimed chefs – including t
Vegan Fast Food Chain Opens 10th Location With Plans for US Expansion
Plant Power Fast Food is going head to head with the big players in the fast-food space but making a bet on the fact that eating meat-free, dairy-free is the way of the future. The company, based in California, is expanding nationwide, and already has restaurants near colleges like San Diego State University and UCSD and now is opening its 10th location in Los Vegas. Thi...
Heading to the UK? The 5 Best Places to Eat Vegan or Plant-Based in London
London, the city firmly planted on the majestic river Thames, is vegan heaven. If there’s anywhere you would expect to find a plethora of vegan restaurants, it’s London, and this international city doesn’t disappoint. In fact, there’s such a wide choice in vegan and plant-based eateries in London, your only problem is choosing which ones to try first. Ahead of world-famous chef ...
The 6 Best Places to Eat Vegan and Plant-Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee is historically known as a meat and potatoes city, but that doesn't mean that this young midwestern city lacks vegan options – the reality is exactly the opposite. Located just north of Chicago, this Midwestern city that overlooks Lake Michigan is home to a young, bustling plant-based food scene. Surrounded by land ...
The 5 Best Places to Eat Vegan and Plant-Based in Edinburgh, Scotland
The capital of Scotland hasn’t traditionally been the kind of city where you’d expect to find it easy being vegan. The Scots love their meat, especially game, and while that still is the case, this increasingly cosmopolitan capital city now has an impressive choice when it comes to vegan restaurants and cafes, or vegan options on the menus. Edinburgh ...
The 5 Best Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta, According to Jermaine Dupri
If Jermaine Dupri were to write a song inspired by a vegan breakfast sandwich it would likely be the vegan "Buttermilk biscuit" JUST egg sandwich served up at Gregory's Breakfast place in Atlanta. It is... "Amazing!" As amazing and inspiring as his own musical artistry, which includes producing, writing, and recording hit hip hop and R&B songs that are memorable enough to g
The 8 Best Places to Eat Vegan or Plant-Based in Orlando, Florida
Orlando, Florida is a popular tourist destination for its theme parks like Disney World and Universal Studio. It also happens to be one of the best cities to be plant-based in, as not only do a lot of the local eateries have a lot of vegan options, but there’s also a lot of vegan or vegetarian-only places to dine. We’v...
Jermaine Dupri’s 5 Favorite Restaurants to Eat Vegan in Miami, Florida
Anyone who has been vegan for over a decade and travels often has probably solidified several go-to restaurants that serve delicious plant-based food in every city they visit. The same holds true for The Beet's Creative Advisor and longtime vegan Jermaine Dupri, who is sharing with us his favorite spots for vegan fare in Miami, Florida. The vacation destination is home ...
The 6 Best Places to Eat Plant-Based in Savannah, Georgia
Whether it’s the blossoming art scene or the beautiful marinas, Savannah, Georgia is a must-visit city. Home to the Savannah College Art and Design, Savannah is a fast-growing southern city with beautiful culture and food. The coastal, historical city offers an extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere that any visitor will fall in love with. Sava...
The 6 Best Places to Eat Plant-Based in New Orleans, Louisiana
The search for the US city with the best cuisine usually ends in Louisiana when you make it to New Orleans. The city shows its true beauty through food, and when visiting, most people can only wait for their next meal between drinks. Although New Orleans may be known for its fresh seafood and po'boys, there’s nothing that should make plant-based or vegetarian tourists wary about visiting. Every ne
Your Guide to the 7 Best Plant-Based Restaurants in Palm Springs, California
The iconic pastel doors and skinny tall palm trees of Palm Springs are so spectacular that stars have long spent time in this desert oasis to get away and live their best life, however, they chose to define it: Frank Sinatra spent most of his leisure time poolside at his estate, and Slim Aarons captured beautiful people at desert parties with breath-taking landscapes in his famous photographs. Eve
The 10 Best Places to Eat Vegan in New Jersey
Dubbed the Garden State for a reason, New Jersey is widely known and loved for lush scenery, and the equally fresh and juicy veggies it produces. Tomatoes, corn, and berries are always the highlight of any NJ Farmers Market, but when you want to treat yourself to a meal out, there are always vegan options...
The Best Places to Eat Vegan in Portland, Oregon
Portland, Oregon is a perfect playground for those seeking some plant-based grub. From fast-casual cafes to food trucks, to upscale dining...Portland has it all. You likely won’t have time to try all the vegan spots in Portland, so we’ve highlighted some top picks to add to your list as you eat and drink your way through the city. 1. Farm Spiri...

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