Santa Fe has a burgeoning vegan and vegetarian food scene making it a fantastic city for plant-based eaters to visit. In the New Mexican town, you’ll find everything including plant-based pizza, tacos, and curry. With the variety of global cuisine options in Santa Fe, you’ll never get bored eating different types of plant-based food.

Although the scene is growing, there are still just a few dedicated vegan spots in the city. These are our four picks for the best places to enjoy vegan-friendly food in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1. Plant Base Cafe

Calling All: If you’re craving vegan junk food, this is the place. Plant Base Cafe is the only place in Santa Fe that’s totally vegan as well as soy, sugar, and gluten-free. All the ingredients are organic too!

Plant Yourself: This is a small takeaway window so plan to enjoy your food back at your accommodation or in the car.

Order to Share: There are three menus here — Mexican, Italian, and American — so everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy such as pizza, burgers, or nachos. Start with the buffalo cauliflower wings and portobello fries to share.

Don’t Miss: If you’re craving a plant-based breakfast you can order Just Egg omelets, breakfast tacos, and pancakes.

Leave Room For: There aren’t many desserts to choose from but the vegan tiramisu is a must.

Address: 1372 Vegas Verdes Drive

2. Ras Rody

Calling All: Those who love the ital flavors of Jamaican cuisine will love picking up a meal at this 100 percent vegan food truck. Ras Rody also has an ital restaurant in Jamaica—the cuisine at the food truck is authentic and delicious. Ital is the plant-based cuisine of Rastafarians.

Plant Yourself: The food truck doesn’t have seating but there’s a spacious parking lot so you can eat in your car or take your meal back to your accommodation.

Order to Share: The combo plate changes daily and is meant for one person. It usually includes a vegetable curry, a bean stew, spicy soy protein, and steamed veggies and rice spiced with ital flavors.

Don’t Miss: If you’re not super hungry you can just order the stew of the day which is hearty, filling, and delicious.

Leave Room For: If you’re a coffee lover you can get freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee at the food truck.

Address: 1312 Agua Fria Street

3. Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe

Calling All: If you’re plant-based and have been to Santa Fe before, you’ve probably been to this cafe that opened in 2002. It has found success as it consistently offers healthy flavorful dishes. Using organic produce the Ayurvedic menu offers an assortment of dishes from across the globe. Many dishes are vegan-friendly and some are soy-free.

Plant Yourself: Choose from indoor dining in the colorful restaurant or sit in the open-air patio.

Order to Share: Get samosas and masala fries for the table to start the meal on a savory note.

Don’t Miss: The thali plate is ideal for those who want to try a few different things. Traditionally served in Kerala on a banana leaf, the thali plate consists of three vegan curries, your choice of sambhar, basmati or brown rice or quinoa, chutney, and chapati or dosa.

Leave Room For: A traditional vegan-friendly ayurvedic dish is Kitchari. It’s suitable for all three doshas as it’s light and easy to digest with basmati rice, yellow split mung beans, vegetables, and greens.

Address: 1620 St. Michael's Drive

4. Root 66 Vegan Café

Calling All: Eaters seeking a 100 percent plant-based café experience with a super attentive family-oriented staff. Jack is the owner, chef, and baker and will ensure that your experience is top-notch.

Plant Yourself: With both indoor and outdoor seating, it's your call if you want to stay inside the cozy cafe or luxuriate in the weather outside.

Order to Share: The entire menu is fresh and the food's attention to detail is incredible, but a few standouts include the Cranberry Chickpea Salad Sandwich and the homemade Challah buns.

Don’t Miss: Grab some of Jack's famous baked goods on the way out like the famous peppermint patties. While you're at it, don't forget to snag some homemade treats for your pooch! Root 66 offers a "barkery" complete with organic and vegan dog treats.

Address: 1704 Lena Street

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