Dubbed the Garden State for a reason, New Jersey is widely known and loved for lush scenery, and the equally fresh and juicy veggies it produces. Tomatoes, corn, and berries are always the highlight of any NJ Farmers Market, but when you want to treat yourself to a meal out, there are always vegan options. Some of our favorite spots are often a long drive away, but it's especially enjoyable with the scenic views, here are our top 10 to try, from the Shore to the Hudson, and everywhere in between.

1. Seed to Sprout

No visit to the Jersey shore is complete without a stop at Seed to Sprout. With two restaurant locations in Avon and Fair Haven, and everything, even the toasted bread and coconut butter made in house, you always leave feeling the healthiest you’ve ever felt.

Calling all: Clean-eating hippies and their equally cool friends.

Don’t miss: The seed salad and kimchi bowls are favorites for a reason, but if you need something a little more hearty, try the bacon cheddar melt.

Order for a crowd: An extra serving of their marinated greens, they make kale as addictive as French fries.

Leave room for: If breakfast all day is your type of thing, come hungry. The omelets, hash browns, and creamy cashew cheese sauce will keep you full till dinner.

2. Crust and Crumble

For a change in scenery in the bustling area of Asbury Park, lies a quirky hidden gem Crust and Crumble, whose vegan menu even tricks omnivores. With the largest selection of vegan specialty pizzas, their mouthwatering melty housemade cheeses and pepperoni is even better than the real stuff.

Calling all: Junk food lovers—vegan or not!

Plant yourself: Take advantage of the lakeside view with outdoor seating, plus delivery doesn’t do fresh hot pizza enough justice.

Don’t miss: The Jersey speciality, a Fat Cat, which is just about anything fried piled high and stuffed into a sandwich.

Order for a crowd: The appetizers here are my favorite- mozzarella sticks, seitan buffalo bites and jalapeno poppers are addicting.

Leave room for: All of the pizza toppings- sausage, pepperoncini, even steak can be added on.

3. Veganized

Veganized is the perfect chill spot right in the center of the Rutgers University campus in New Brunswick. Open daily, with plenty of options for all types of eaters, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Calling all: Eclectic food for a young crowd, there's something for everyone here.

Plant yourself: Outdoor seating is limited but if you can grab it, it’s nice to relax and watch the daily chaos of the block.

Don’t miss: The weekend-only brunch is something not to miss out on. The fluffy pancakes, and flaky biscuits, are just a few of my favorites.

Order for a crowd: Try several of the flatbreads to share, I especially love the Squash It, with delicata squash and charred corn.

Leave room for: The Chocolate peanut butter torte is so rich you only need one bite.

4. Luna Verde

Located on the main street of Bradley Beach, Luna Verde definitely brings the heat to this all-vegan take on Mexican classics. Reading through the menu, you’ll be surprised by how many options there are, and with 14 protein choices, you'll just keep having to go back to try them all.

Calling all: Heat lovers, as there are 10, yes 10!, housemade spicy sauces to try.

Plant yourself: This take-out only spot is nothing but a small counter space, so give yourself some time before picking up, and head down the block to the beach to eat.

Don’t miss: The hearts of palm ceviche is a tangy and delicious take on a Mexican chopped salad.

Order for a crowd: Just reading the description for the loaded nachos will have you drooling, and it sure will please a table's worth of hungry eyes.

Leave room for: The postres (desserts) and bebidas (drinks) are seasonal- so when you see them, grab 'em!

5. Good Karma

Good Karma Cafe is about the size of a walk-in closet, but the delicious food keeps people coming back every time. Try the sandwiches for an on the go snack as you make your way through the small town of Red Bank.

Calling all: Foodies that want a little taste of everything!

Plant yourself: At home, the little space doesn't offer outdoor dining but has an efficient delivery system.

Don’t miss: I always have a hard time choosing between my favorite sandwiches, the Bahn Mi and the Philly Cheesesteak, which are both excellent.

Order for a Crowd: All of the munchies are delicious- especially the Chimichurri style seitan sticks.

Leave room for: While the loaded nachos are a favorite, the live nachos made with dehydrated crispy “chips” and sunflower seed “meat” are an unusual treat.

6. Happy Vegan

For the most authentic vegan Turkish food in NJ, Happy Vegan in Clifton and Hoboken are the real deal. Every dish is tasty, but their stand-out items are the lentil balls, hummus and their delicious kofteh.

Calling all: Mediterranean lovers, or people willing to try something new.

Plant yourself: Currently offering takeout and delivery, grab some extra napkins and utensils on your way out.

Don’t miss: The crispy rolled boreks with cheese are a Middle Eastern specialty that is hard to veganize, and done really well here.

Order for a Crowd: The koftehs is what the restaurant is known and loved for by the locals, and are especially a crowd-pleasing treat.

Leave room for: The crunchy and sweet Baklava is so delicious, it’s worth a visit in itself.

7. Leaf Eatery

Owned by three sisters, who are all vegan, Leaf, is unlike anything in Haddonfield, NJ. Exceptional house-made cheeses, flavorful bites, and a focus on each seasonal vegetable compliment the full wine menu and make for a very special foodie experience.

Calling all: Sophisticated and hungry eaters, and anyone else that needs to be proven that vegan food is not boring!

Plant yourself: As seating is limited, reservations are recommended.

Don’t miss: The homemade ravioli with almond ricotta is even better than a classic dairy version.

Order for the table: Buffalo Bites, baked cauliflower tossed in buffalo sauce, are a crowd favorite.

Leave room for: the decadent chocolate cake with strawberry puree is the perfect ending to a wonderful meal.

8. Heartbeet Kitchen

With three locations in Ocean City, Westmont, and Cherry Hill, this rustic eatery has a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and every visit here beats the last.

Calling all: Instagrammable comfort food lovers

Plant yourself: the small space makes it very homey inside.

Don’t miss: The homemade burgers are anything but your typical veggie burger and are even available to purchase to stock your own freezer.

Order for a Crowd: Spiced potato wedges come loaded with toppings and change seasonally.

Leave room for: The weekend special of French toast is a real treat.

9. Greens & Grains

With 5 locations in NJ (and one in nearby PA), Greens & Grains boasts fresh veggies, plenty of choices to mix and match, which makes for a great, healthy lunch option.

Calling all: Anyone in need of a quick and easy meal on the go.

Plant yourself: Offering takeout and delivery, makes for a very easy pickup meal.

Don’t miss: Pick your base of grain and add on a tasty dish- my favorite is the eggplant and chickpea ragout, with cashew cream.

Order for a Crowd: Smoothie bowls, which make a delicious sweet treat and can be topped with just about anything.

Leave room for: The Cuban panini is not your average vegan grilled cheese

10. Green Fusion

Named one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the state, Green Fusion, in Ridgewood, NJ, is worth a special visit. While vegetarian, GF and Vegan dishes are marked, and each meal explodes with flavor and keeps you coming back to try more.

Calling all: Omnivores that are up for an adventure.

Plant yourself: Available to order on all food delivery apps

Don’t miss: The Cauliflower Au Gratin is not a common vegan dish, but it sure is delicious from the creamy cashew sauce.

Order for a Crowd: Each of the house-made pastas are exceptional, so order a few to share for the table.

Leave room for: The Fusion flatbread with wild mushrooms and burrata is even better tasting than the dairy version.

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