It used to be that Boston, fondly known as 'Beantown', was the spot to go for beers and dogs, New England clam chowder and great pub food. There wasn’t a bar that didn’t swear to have the best potato skins in town, loaded with bacon, cheese and a whole lot of butter. Things change. Now, you can find some of the country's best veggie-based meals anywhere in this city, and not lack for taste, selection or local color. Here, we break down the top 11 can't-miss places to find delicious vegan food in Boston. Whether you're looking for fresh farm-to-table inspired dishes, in the mood for late-night greasy diner food or some fast-casual while in a pinch, we've got you covered.

1. Veggie Galaxy, 450 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Plant yourself: Veggie Galaxy is the vegan diner of your dreams, serving all those indulgent dishes you’d expect at a traditional American diner complete with all-day breakfast and that retro flair we know and love.

Calling all: People in the mood to grub! This is a vegetarian restaurant where everything can be vegan-ized, making Veggie Galaxy a good compromise for you and that one friend who just absolutely cannot give up cheese (although I recommend getting them to try the Violife Mozzarella Sticks if you find yourself willing to part with one). They have an expansive menu so it can be tough to decide, but there tends to be a wait so that should buy you some time. The noise level tends to run a bit high between the open kitchen and bustling dining room, so schedule your first date elsewhere.

Don't Miss: Get some apps for the table (do I have to say mozzarella sticks again?!) and if you’re looking for a sandwich, two favorites are the Club and the Reuben (just be sure to ask for vegan cheese!). When dinner starts at 5pm, you’ll get the chance to try legends like the Chick’n & Waffles and Buffalo Chick’n Mac n Cheese. This is not the place to skip dessert either, because as you’ll notice upon entering they have a picturesque rotating cake stand in addition to FoMU sundaes (also available in boozy shakes!). As if that wasn’t enough, they offer weekly specials that are typically over-the-top and seasonal. Don’t leave Boston without stopping here!

2. True Bistro, 1153 Broadway, Somerville

Plant Yourself: At True Bistro, Boston’s upscale vegan eatery, which makes it the perfect destination for a date night or celebratory dinner. Think well-polished dishes with a laid-back, fine dining atmosphere. Just a 10-minute walk from Davis Square in Somerville, at True Bistro you will find inventive, vegetable-centric dishes that are just as pleasing to look at as they are to taste. Expect to spend a little more…  but expect it to be worth every penny! Start your meal with a glass of red wine, or a Beet Back if you’re feeling wild (a shot of bourbon and a glass of pickled beet juice).

Be sure to: get a small plate or two to share and - listen to me closely - you must make sure the Fava Bean Ravioli is one of them. If you prefer to save a buck, request bread (locally made by Iggy’s Bakery) with olive oil, cashew cheese, or whatever beurre d’ maison is (it’s house butter). For an entree, you simply cannot go wrong with the Thai Red Curry served with a black rice cake or the Housemade Pappardelle Bolognese.

Don't miss: Absolutely do not skip over dessert here… their raspberry cheesecake will make you forget a dairy version ever existed. On weekends, they also serve a BRUNCH that is practically worth its own spot on this list. Don’t bother looking at the menu, just order their take on chicken and waffles (buttermilk fried tofu, Belgian waffle, chili-infused agave and a blood orange twist) and thank me later!

3. Whole Heart Provisions, 487 Cambridge St, Allston

Plant yourself: Boston’s best vegan counter-service spot, and let those fast-casual salad bowl restaurants that might serve you meat by accident fall by the wayside. A quaint place with wooden decor and natural lighting, Whole Heart Provisions serves a familiar format: choose your base of greens or grains and select one of nine signature bowls, or build your own. I usually stick with the signatures as Chef Becca clearly knows flavor - the Mission on pilaf with bbq tofu, please - but you might choose to be more adventurous. The staff here is super friendly and will not hesitate to share what their go-to bowl is if you’re overwhelmed.

Be sure to enjoy: Each bowl contains a variety of textures, world-inspired flavors, and sauces packed with umami levels that would even satisfy your uncle who totally eats those new Megetables from Arby’s. Not to be overlooked are the side options like seared avocado and street corn.

Must-haves: A personal favorite is the falafel dog, topped with tahini, tomato, Grillo’s pickles (local!), hots (spicy!) and mustard (also spicy!) on a hot dog bun (if you are GF, this is the one menu item you’ll want to pass on) all for a fair $5. They have kombucha on tap for the health queens or cold brew horchata for your afternoon buzz. They even serve brunch from 10am-2pm on Sunday with huevos rancheros and pancakes that almost make it worth getting out of bed on a lazy Sunday… I’ll have to get back to you on that one.

4. Life Alive, 888 Commonwealth Ave or 765 Massachusetts Ave


Take note: While the menus might slightly differ, expect similar dishes across the board - delicious “grain, green, and broth bowls” made with fresh, organic produce. You really can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, so go with what jumps out at you. Just make sure to double-check ingredients as they also serve dairy and eggs (anything can be modified to be vegan though!).

Don't miss: The Rainbow Harvest, which comes with lemon flax brown rice, whipped sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, broccoli, kale, tofu, sprouted legumes & ginger Tamari sauce, gets two green thumbs up! They also offer a variety of juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and even CBD coffee and tea if you need that extra relaxation. With delicious and comforting plant-based meals, Life Alive will leave your belly AND your soul feeling full and satisfied.

5. Bartleby's Seitan Stand, various locations

This list wasn’t meant to include food trucks as they are definitely their own category of dining, but Bartleby’s is probably the hottest topic of the Boston vegan scene. Despite opening their doors (or window I should say) in 2018, they have made quite a name for themselves for serving up some of the most delicious seitan sandwiches New Englanders have ever seen. Don’t be deterred by the trucks notoriously long lines, they move quickly and your taste buds will thank you dearly.

Be sure to enjoy: Bartleby’s fried seitan, which is crispy, craggly and seasoned to perfection with a texture that will make even the most devoted meat eater join them in saying “to hell with meat!” Their sandwiches come on a warm pretzel bun and the typical toppings.

Don’t forget to: grab plenty of their Dips of Destruction (the ranch and spicy sauce are a great combo). You can also order nuggets in 5, 10, 13 piece, but there’s likely no rule against getting three 10 pieces and a 5 piece (please reach out if you do). The only downside to Bartleby’s is that they are a food truck so you do have to sort of hunt them down. In the warm months, they serve at three different locations around the city on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. On the other days of the week, you might find them at a cute outdoor event in the city. Be sure to check their Instagram story and feed for daily updates!

6. Taco Party, 711 Broadway, Somerville

We all know the best kind of party is a taco party, and for vegans, in the Boston area, this taco-truck-turned-brick-and-mortar is the perfect place to fiesta. Just take the red line to Davis Square and walk 10 minutes to Broadway, or catch the food truck at various locations across town like the scenic Rose Kennedy Greenway downtown.

Calling all: Non-vegans! Bring along a non-vegan friend or family member because everyone’s invited to Taco Party (and all will leave 100% satisfied!). Do note that their restaurant is quite small so seating is limited. At $4 a taco, or $10 for two and a side (chips & dip, rice & beans, or a side salad), their menu is quite affordable considering the exquisite flavors and apt portion sizes it delivers.

Don't miss: If their chorizo seitan, fried tofu, jackfruit tinga, tempeh or sweet potato tacos don’t allure you (can we check your pulse?!), you will also find tortas, a salad, and the best damn vegan nachos this city has to offer. Just be sure to clear your schedule afterward because you will definitely need a siesta after this one!

7. Saus, 33 Union St. Somerville

Saus at Bow Market is the newest edition to the Boston veg scene. Saus started with a location in Downtown Crossing with the idea of putting condiments first and the vessel second. In contrast to the original location which primarily serves meat sandwiches, this second location at the recently developed public courtyard Bow Market serves an all-vegetarian menu that can be entirely vegan-ized.

Don't miss: indulgent dishes like a chili cheese dog that uses both the Beyond sausage and an Impossible Burger chili topping so you can truly get the best of both worlds. They also present the perfect snack to share with a friend over drinks, hand-cut fries with a variety of fun dipping sauces like truffle ketchup and avo-goddess.

Plant yourself: While there is seating inside this counter-service spot, you’re better off taking your food next door to Remnant Brewing and enjoying it with a locally brewed beer (they have plenty of patio seating too!) or to Rebel Rebel wine bar if you’re feeling classy. With plenty of shops and bars surrounding it, Saus Bow Market is the perfect stop for a beautiful day spent in one of Greater Boston’s most scenic neighborhoods or the somewhat regrettable end to your Cambridge to Somerville pub crawl… just be sure to leave antacid on your nightstand.

8. Clover, multiple locations across Greater Boston

Clover is a Boston staple, the kind of place vegans and non-vegans alike attend regularly. With locations all across the city and a food truck in the warmer months, keep them in mind when you’re looking for a satisfying lunch before exploring the historic Harvard Square or a late-night binge after dancing too hard at Middlesex Lounge (their Central Square location is open 24 hours, a rare find in this sleepy city!).

Don't miss: Clover specializes in pita sandwiches, equipped with organic produce and freshly baked pita that’s like a warm, carb-filled hug. Founded by an MIT grad with a mission to combat global warming, here you will find a rotating seasonal menu sourcing almost entirely local ingredients. You can rest assured you’ll be served the best around.

Be sure to enjoy: Their most talked about sandwich, one of the few available year-round, is the chickpea fritter. It’s Clover’s take on a falafel sandwich and comes packed to the brim (and beyond) with hummus, Israeli salad, and beautifully colorful pickled vegetables. They also offer platters (larger versions of their sandwiches), sides (the rosemary fries are a no brainer!), hot and cold drinks, local brews at some locations, and even a menu for the little ones!

Take note: The one downside to Clover is that they serve dairy and eggs, so their Impossible Meatball sandwich is off the menu for us vegans. They are, however, incredibly eco-conscious with entirely compostable packaging and they have complimentary seltzer on tap, so that makes them A-OK in my book!

9. FoMU, multiple locations across Greater Boston

A vegan’s trip to Boston is not complete without tasting the best non-dairy ice cream on the market (you heard me!). With new locations continually popping up around the city, FoMU (get it, faux-moo) is always just a hop and a skip away. You might even spot their ice cream on the dessert menu of several restaurants around town.

Must-haves: This coconut milk-based ice cream is velvety and rich, blowing dairy ice cream out of the water. And no, that’s not just the crazy vegan in me speaking, FoMU’s coconut milk ice cream actually contains 25% less air than traditional dairy ice cream, making it extra dense and flavorful.

Plant yourself: The ambiance here is calm and cool, a great place to bring your laptop to get a bit of work done and celebrate your productivity with a sweet treat. The menu is similar to that of a standard ice cream parlor, fit with sundaes, ice cream sandwiches, and frappes (that’s milkshakes for the visitors).

Be sure to enjoy: A nice touch to the menu is the Affogato, served with locally roasted George Howell espresso. After you finish your cone and you’re hooked on FoMU, you can grab a pint, some baked goods to take back home to your friends. Or if your birthday is coming up, their ice cream cakes are absolutely to DIE for. Mine is November 17th if you’re feeling generous :-)


10. Fenway Park, 4 Yawkey Way

Expect to eat more than peanuts and Cracker Jacks at this historic stadium because Fenway Park is one of the most vegan-friendly ballparks there is!

Plant Yourself: Head to the Visitor’s Clubhouse Area for an Yves veggie dog and grab a beer while you’re at it. They also serve the Boca’s original veggie burger if you’re not into hot dogs. For a healthier option, look no further than their build-your-own salad and fruit bar on the lower level. And get this, Fenway has a rooftop garden that supplies the produce… doesn’t get much more local than that! Finally, you can order the standard snacks like fries, peanuts, soft pretzels and even PB&Js wherever a kids menu is served.

Take note: If you’re not quite sold yet, there are a number of vegan-friendly restaurants in the area you could check out after the game: by Chloe, Blaze Pizza, sweetgreen and Yard House (which has an entire Gardein menu) to name a few. If you’re looking to catch Red Sox game on your visit to Boston, you can rest assured that Fenway Park will provide any vegan the true “take me out to the ball game” experience!


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