Baltimore gained the nickname “Charm City” when advertising exec Bill Evan wrote that Baltimore “has more history and unspoiled charm tucked away in quiet corners than most American cities out in the spotlight.”

The city is home to a dynamic community of artists, actors, musicians, and an influx of young professionals who love it for its location (next to the Chesapeake Bay, an hour north of DC) and enjoy it for the beautiful parks and an exciting culinary scene. A city obsessed with crabs, Baltimore is not necessarily known for its vegan food. Whether you visit, live in, or just pass through Charm City, you will be pleasantly surprised by the dynamic neighborhoods and the selection of top-notch plant-based dishes and fully vegan restaurants.

Baltimore’s culinary scene is often associated with fish and seafood, making vegans and plant-based justifiably weary of the city’s food options. Despite the port city’s reputation at crab central, USA, Baltimore is home to a flourishing vegan scene. From Chef Matthew Kenney’s upscale vegan pizza to a taste of plant-based soul food, Charm City has something for everyone.

We compiled a shortlist of the best vegan eats in Baltimore, making your next trip to the Mid-Atlantic full of tasty and exciting plant-based foods. Once you try even one of these restaurants, you will leave saying “I Adore Baltimore.”

1. Double Zero

Don’t Miss: Baltimore’s Double Zero showcases the best of Chef Matthew Kenney’s plant-based cuisine. The upscale vegan restaurants offer a healthy perspective on the world’s most desired food: pizza. With a wood-burning stove and a warm comfortable environment, Double Zero is the perfect spot for a nice dinner with all the necessary comforts.

Plant Yourself: Everything on Double Zero’s menu is an impressive feat from Chef Kenney, but people come for the pizza. From plant-based pepperoni pizzas to eggplant calzones, customers will be more than satisfied with everything on the menu. For something a little extra special, try the Truffle Pizza complete with cashew cream, wild mushrooms, Tuscan kale, and a lemon vinaigrette.

Take Note: Do not worry if you fall into the rare category of people who do not want pizza. The dynamic menu offers a variety of small plates that will impress just the same, including pasta bolognese with a walnut mushroom ragout and a sunflower Caesar salad with wood-fired croutons and almond parmesan. The mouthwatering menu gives people the option to eat several favorite dishes that otherwise contain animal products without any worries. For non-vegans, Double Zero will leave you wondering why you'd ever return to dairy.

Address: 414 Light St. Baltimore, MD

2. Harmony Bakery

Order for a Crowd: Harmony Bakery is located in a compact spot with minimal tables, but everything on the menu packs a powerful punch. This local bakery set out to provide Baltimorians with all their favorite sweets and savory baked good without animal products or gluten. For anyone who visits Harmony Bakery, they won’t believe they are missing anything. Whether you start savory with a vegan quiche or sweet with dairy-free pie, you will want to keep buying stuff from the bakery case.

Don’t Miss: No matter how many times you visit Harmony Bakery, it is unlikely that you will ever get enough. The small vegan bakery is churning out some of the most delicious allergen-free baked goods possible. The bakery case features a rotation of vegan cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies, and specialty sweet treats including a vegan housemade pop tart.

Address: 3446 Chestnut Ave. Baltimore, MD

3. The Land of Kush

Plant Yourself: Founded by Naijha Wright-Brown and Chef Gregory Brown, The Land of Kush opened to provide the Mount Vernon community with an innovative and modern take on traditional soul food.

Order for a Crowd: Classic soul food dishes including potato salad, BBQ ribs, and soy-based fried chicken. The drool-worthy menu will keep anybody coming back for more. With rotating menu items, the specials keep regulars on their toes and new customers wanting more.

Take Note: Wright Brown is extremely involved in the plant-based community in Maryland. She is also the co-creator of Vegan Soufest and Maryland Vegan Restaurant Week and works as the Executive Director of the Black Vegetarian Society of Maryland. Since 2011, she and Brown have been providing people with enough vegan food to fill anyone up for affordable prices. Next time you’re hungry in Baltimore, stop by for a Special Combo Platter that includes a sizeable entree and two sides with whopping portions.

Address: 840 N Eutaw St. Baltimore, MD

4. The Greener Kitchen

Don’t Miss: Ironically, The Greener Kitchen lives in heart of Pigtown, and the plant-based eatery promises to bring healthy, affordable, and sustainable food to everyone amidst the many animal-heavy restaurants.

Be Sure to Try: The delicious soul food menu features comfort foods that will impress plant-based and non-vegan diners alike. From plant-based cheesesteaks to vegan brownies, The Greener Kitchen is a restaurant that’s required to seek out while visiting Baltimore.

Order for a Crowd: Despite its entire menu representing the impressive potential of vegan cooking, the people of Baltimore come back to the Greener Kitchen for its vegan wings fried in a crispy plant-based batter and coated with a dairy-free Buffalo sauce. Even if you aren’t a wing person, the plant-based cooperative kitchen offers everything from pizzas to vegan chicken sandwiches.

Take Note: The Greener Kitchen intends to tackle food insecurity in Baltimore, providing food to the surrounding neighborhood that has historically been considered a food desert within the city. The plant-based kitchen helps kick off new business, working with other vegan chefs that aim to help bring healthy and sustainable food to Baltimore.

Address: 803 Washington Blvd. Baltimore, MD

5. My Mama’s Vegan

Plant Yourself: Everybody loves some of mom’s home cooking and Baltimorians are luckier than anyone because My Mama’s Vegan is preparing plant-based comfort food every Thursday to Saturday. The vegan take-out spot serves up delicious plant-based tacos, burgers, cheesesteaks, wraps, gyros, and more. The extensive menu is a remarkable achievement by itself, but My Mama’s Vegan is extremely consistent as well.

Don’t Miss: Initially, people's attention turns directly to the plant-based burgers, especially the Big Daddy served with grilled onions, tomato, pickles, vegan cheddar, jalapenos, and a special sauce. However, don’t overlook the specialty vegan bowls including the Teriyaki and Beef & Broccoli versions. But most importantly, order the General TSO bowl featuring a lightly battered fried cauliflower tossed in a savory and sweet General Tso’s sauce over veggie basmati rice.

Take Note: My Mama’s Vegan is the best for its consistent plant-based take-out foods, but look out for the pop-up kitchens that give customers a little something extra to look forward to. For example, the restaurant has hosted an Asian Fusion pop-up that served up vegan sushi, plant-based spring rolls, and fake chicken dumplings.

Address: 2915 Greenmount Ave. Baltimore, MD

6. Liora

Don’t Miss: Chef Matthew Kenney’s second plant-based restaurant in Baltimore is an upscale dining experience that blends together exciting vegan cuisine with the rich history and industrial spirit of Baltimore. In line with Charm City, Liora’s menu is built to appeal to any customer, providing subtle plant-based techniques and dishes that are built to dazzle vegans and non-vegans alike. Kenney prioritizes nutrition when constructing his menu, curating a delicious blend of health and taste.

Plant Yourself: Whether you visit Liora for brunch or dinner, the menu is exceptionally enticing. Plant-based cooking is increasingly entering the fine dining scene, and Kenney is ensuring that it permanently deserves a place at the table. For brunch, people can order a Hazelnut Waffle, Kimchi Scramble, or vegan Crab Cake Sandwich. For dinner, order the Smokey Maitake Mushroom that comes served with cheesy grits, shiitake bacon, and braised greens.

Order for a Crowd: The main brunch and dinner menus will of course draw most of the attention, but the real prize at Liora lives on the dessert menu. The Maple Pie Spiced Cheesecake is covered by a cider glaze and topped with candied walnuts. Make sure to order enough Banana Bread Pudding because one serving will get devoured by the rest of the table before you can take a bite.

Address: 414 Light St. Baltimore, MD

7. Dodah's Kitchen

Plant Yourself: We cannot get enough soul food, and Dodah's Kitchen makes sure that every customer is far from lacking comfort foods. The plant-based platters are extremely affordable and can come piled on with vegan chicken tenders, plant-based fried "fish," a "fish" scampi, and more. The vegan kitchen distinguishes itself from other local soul food eateries because it really incorporates a Baltimorean twist. Grab a vegan "crab cake" and a pina colada, and truly plant yourself in Baltimore.

Don't Miss: Dodah's Kitchen differs from other plant-based restaurants because it offers customized vegan meal plans. Customers can get plant-based meals custom-made, ready-to-deliver, and chef-prepared to meet all their needs. The care that Dodah's Kitchen puts into its food, it puts towards its community. The plant-based restaurant is setting the standard for restaurants everywhere, truly involving itself in the surrounding community.

Take Note: Beyond the storefront, people can find Dodah's premade vegan meals and treats at wholesale locations across the city. The premade cakes, mac n cheese, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and more can be found in co-ops in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and Washington D.C.

Address: 1210 N. Charles St. Baltimore, MD

8. Refocused

Take Note: Refocused is a highly acclaimed plant-based staple in Baltimore, included in Peta's list of Top 10 Vegan Wings and ranked among Yelp's Top 18 Highest Ranked Black-Owned Vegan Restaurants. For three years, Refocused has been providing Baltimore with delicious variations of comfort classics and developing vegan specials that prioritize taste, sustainability, and health.

Plant Yourself: Between its plant-based wings, to the specialty burgers, Refocused gives Baltimorians an easy and accessible option for trying plant-based foods. The Refocused menu is built to cater to non-vegans and vegans alike. Order the mac n cheese or a buffalo chicken salad to complete your meal, and don't forget to bring some home for later.

Don't Miss: On top of the delicious menu, Refocused also offers a wide selection of housemade juices, mocktails, and cocktails. Some top-selling drink options include the Green Giant, Hennessy Hen-Demic Punch, and Potent Peach Potion Sangria.

Address: 429 N Eutaw St. Baltimore, MD

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