People travel from far and wide to visit Las Vegas for the shows, casinos, and more and more, for the food. The City of Lights' dining scene has stepped it up in the past few years, and now offers one of the most eclectic and outrageous (and outrageously expensive) panoply of restaurants in any city in the US. And although most are high-end steak houses and pasta palaces, the lesser-known – but no less interesting – choices are vegan spots.

In fact, some of the highest-end dining experiences have begun to include plant-based menu items or entire menus that are directed at the cuisine favored by vegan or meat-free diners. Last fall the Venetian hotel and casino announced that its restaurants – Mott 32Majordomo Meat & Fish, and Bouchon – would be offering elevated plant-based dishes for world vegan month.

This spring, Crossroads Kitchen announced that it will be betting all of its chips on opening two Vegas locations: The first will be the strip's first fine-dining fully plant-based experience, similar to the Los Angeles location, and the second is a fast-casual burger joint at Resorts world, serving a fully vegan menu of plant-based burgers, milkshakes and fries. In the high-end Crossroads, some of the signature dishes from the Los Angeles restaurant will be available, including the Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms and house-made Fettuccine & Truffles. The Las Vegas outpost will also feature exclusive specials and menu items not available in LA.

The Vegas vegan food scene is bustling

The desert oasis, once known only for gambling, quickie weddings, Celine Dion shows and its storied Rat Pack past, is now becoming famous for its impressive, experimental plant-based cuisine, designed to attract flexitarians, climatarians, vegans, and omnivores alike.

So the next time you find yourself hungry in Vegas, visit any of these 8 vegan spots for what's sure to be a memorable meal. But don't go by the adage: What happens in Vegas stays in vegas. Tell all your vegan friends that this is the place to visit.

1. Chef Kenny’s Vegan Dim Sum

Plant Yourself: Operated by Chef Kenny Chye, this plant-based restaurant features one of the most impressive lists of vegan foods available in Las Vegas. The vegan dim sum spot showcases a wide selection of mouthwatering Asian staples from General Tso's "chicken" to "shrimp" Shumai. Chef Kenny's Vegan Dim Sum prepares expert-level vegan substitutes for nearly every protein, using whole ingredients including soybeans, tofu, and grains.

Order For A Crowd: Dim Sum is a meal designed to share. Bring as many people to Chef Kenny's Vegan Dim Sum to experience all the flavors that this hotspot has to offer. Between the dumplings and the first-rate vegan sushi menu, there's too much to choose from for a single person. To properly enjoy your time at this Las Vegas eatery, order plates to share with everyone!

Address: 6820 Spring Mountain Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89146

2. Plant Power Fast Food

Take Note: Plant Power Fast Food may be a California-based restaurant, but its mouthwatering vegan fast food menu grants it a place on this Las Vegas list. Plant Power Fast Food has perfected the vegan fast food model, featuring an extensive menu of fast-food classics that will delight both non-vegans and vegans alike

Plant Yourself: Plant Power Fast Food is a bit of a trek for anybody staying on the Strip, but this vegas fast food is a must-visit for those traveling to North Las Vegas. With all the fast food accommodations – a drive-thru and speedy in-store service – Plant Power Fast Food is designed to deliver. This fast-food establishment features a sizeable burger list, but the top seller is The Big Zac, a two-patty burger topped with vegan cheese, lettuce, onions, pickles, and the signature Zac Sauce.

Don't Miss: It is almost too easy to be distracted by the burger menu, but Plant Power Fast Food provides fast-food classics for anyone. From "chicken" to "fish filet" sandwiches, the vegan establishment is quickly making itself a Las Vegas staple. If plant-based meat alternatives aren't your thing, try one of its specialty salads filled with power greens and topped with specialty dressings.

Address: 7090 W Craig Rd Suite #120, Las Vegas, NV 89129

3. Truth & Tonic

Plant Yourself: As the Las Vegas Strip's first fully vegan restaurant, Truth & Tonic revolutionized plant-based eating on the city's most famous street. Located on the fourth floor of The Venetian, This plant-based cafe showcases chef-crafted, nutrient-rich dishes that do not waiver on taste. For a quick, casual breakfast, try one of the specialty Boujee Toasts or the Baked "JUST Egg" Feather-Free Frittatas.

Don't Miss: Even though the food is more expensive than in other restaurants off the strip, the quality of ingredients makes Truth & Tonic's impressive menu worth it. The lunch options taste fantastic and leave you feeling healthier than when you walked in. Try the Vegan Chicken Avocado Wrap or a Grilled Portobello Salad. Make sure you don't miss Truth & Tonic's Beneficial Smoothies, especially The Green Beast – mixed with spinach, baby kale, blueberry, mango, coconut milk, and apple juice.

Address: Level 4, 3335 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

4. Chikyu Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

Take Note: Chikyu's vegan sushi menu is the final product of nearly a decade of plant-based experimentation. Chef John Le and Casson Trenor developed an elegant technique to replicate the taste, texture, and look of traditional sashimi and sushi to create one of the most incredible sushi restaurants to date. The new approach to sushi prioritizes vegetables, mushrooms, fruits, and even flowers to replicate a traditional sushi experience.

Plant Yourself: Unlike other plant-based meat substitutes, Chikyu's vegan sushi doesn't hide what it's made from. The Nigiri menu features okra, sweet corn, eggplants, and a selection of mushrooms as replacements for traditional fish cuts. The menu continues to dazzle throughout the conventional rolls and specialty rolls. Try the Desert Gold roll made with Tempura fried tofu, tapioca, spicy tofu, Negi, togarashi, sesame, microgreen, and a secret sauce.

Don't Miss: For those opposed to sushi or the specialty nigiri, Chikyu also offers a delicious selection of Ramen and hot dishes. From flash-fried eggplant with sweet soy and ito togarashi to specialty White Shoyu ramen, the menu will amaze any visitor.

Address: 1740 E Serene Ave #130, Las Vegas, NV 89123

5. The Modern Vegan

Plant Yourself: This down-to-earth vegan restaurant serves some of the most delicious meatless burgers there is, becoming one of Las Vegas' most highly ranked plant-based businesses. The minimalist menu brings customers the most indulgently delicious plant-based American food possible. Try one of The Modern Vegan's award-winning burgers such as The Cowboy – a burger patty topped with smoked gouda, vegan bacon, barbeque sauce, sautéed onions, spring mix, vegan mayo, and cucumbers.

Order for a Crowd: The Modern Vegan is the perfect plant-based spot for a large group. The appetizer menu is full of mouthwatering, shareable bites. From the Loaded Nachos to the Popcorn Chicken, there is plenty to choose from. After a long night on the Strip, order the Hangover Fries coated with grilled onions, vegan steak strips, mac sauce, plant-based mayo, and fresh jalapenos.

Address: 700 E Naples Dr #111 LAs Vegas, NV 89119

6. Tacotarian

Take Note: This no-frills vegan taco joint is the perfect lunch spot, nestled right in between the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street. The relaxed eatery is one of the best spots in town to grab a quick bite to eat without spending a pretty penny (because it's best to save money outside the casinos). The menu features vegan iterations of some classic Mexican staples including a Birria platter made from a Beyond Meat and jackfruit blend and an Al Pastor taco with seitan.

Plant Yourself: Tacotarian is truly for the serious taco-lovers. The menu features 16 unique taco options including a Barbacoa chili braised jackfruit and a Mushroom Asada. You can also order the Taco Platter that comes with three tacos of your choice with a side of rice and beans. Beyond the tacos, burritos, and quesadilla, Tacotarian's hidden gem is the dessert menu. Order an Arroz Con Leche (rice and coconut milk with vanilla and cinnamon) or a scoop of almond or coconut-based ice cream.

Address: 1130 S Casino Center Blvd #170 Las Vegas, NV 89101

7. VegeNation

Don't Miss: Make sure that when you visit Las Vegas, you leave the Strip. Some of the best casinos, attractions, and plant-based restaurants live far away from the major pitstops. VegeNation is one of those establishments. This plant-based restaurant – located near Old Las Vegas – provides one of the more casual, affordable vegan stores in town. This restaurant features an extensive menu with fully vegan meats, cheeses, and even ice cream.

Take Note: VegeNation provides customers with a little bit of everything, making sure that even regulars cannot get sick of the menu, featuring everything from Chicken Pot Pie Gnocchi to the Chicky Chicky Bang Bang Nashville Hot chicken sandwich.

Plant Yourself: VegeNation – in true Las Vegas style – goes all out when naming some of its classic dishes. Check out the Miley Cyrus Rainbow Superfood Salad with raw veggies, quinoa, hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, and an oil-free green goddess dressing or the Daniel Negreanu (named after the famous poker player) meatball grinder.

Address: 616 E Carson Ave #120 Las Vegas, NV 89101

8. Wynn Las Vegas

Plant Yourself: Among all the hotels and resorts in Las Vegas, Wynn Las Vegas is the most impressive, featuring a vegan menu option at every single restaurant inside of the resort. Wynn Las Vegas started collaborating with Chef Tal Ronnen to craft healthy vegan dishes for all 22 restaurants. For vegans visiting Vegas, there is no better place to be than the Wynn.

Don't Miss: When we say every restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian dishes, we mean it. This includes upscale Mexican restaurant Casa Playa and the vintage Hollywood-aesthetic Delilah. Guests can also find more casual plant-based fare all over the resort. Try Jardin for farm-fresh dishes served in a relaxed, conservatory environment, or the all-you-can-eat buffet at Wynn Las Vegas. To check out the full list, visit the Wynn's dining page.

Address 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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