Whether you’re in Philadelphia to take in the history, cheer on the Eagles or check out the vibrant local art scene, you can’t go wrong with vegan food when it comes to this East Coast city. From upscale plant-based bars to comfort food-focused diners, you’re sure to find the meal of your dreams here. Here are the best restaurants to eat vegan or plant-based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Philly

1. Vedge

Calling all: Foodies — vegan or not, a dinner at Vedge is life-changing. Founded in 2011 by James Beard-nominated Chefs Rich Landau and Kate Jacoby, it’s the perfect spot to grab a meal with friends and family or to end a long day of exploring the city. It’s any vegan’s dream — and a spot where even the biggest meat lovers are going to love eating their vegetables.

Plant Yourself: Be sure to grab a reservation (oh, and bring a big group if you can, so you can enjoy as many small plates as possible). The dining room is spacious and cozy, while the bar offers easy seating for couples grabbing appetizers, drinks, or dessert.
Don’t Miss: Start with the rutabaga fondue and stuffed avocado from the Vedge bar, then try the incredible shaved brussels sprouts from the Dirt List. When it comes to main courses, the Wood Grilled Carrot and Ssamjang Tofu are unique and unforgettably delicious.
Order for the Table: The rutabaga fondue is an absolute must (be sure to ask for an extra soft pretzel once you finish the first one).
Leave Room for: The desserts here are rich, flavorful, and fantastic. Choose the one that catches your eye, or just order the latest sorbet and ice cream flavors.
What We’d Skip: Since your bill is certain to reflect the incredible quality (and quantity) of food you ordered, you can skip the pricey cocktails and head elsewhere in Center City for a drink.

Address: 1221 Locust Street

2. Charlie Was A Sinner

Calling All: Lovers of bar food, strong cocktails, and long conversations, Charlie Was A Sinner is for you.
Plant Yourself: Bring a date or a crew of friends, and spend your evening lounging in the low-key, yet upscale environment. Come for the drinks, come for the amazing plant-based bar food — but more than anything, come for the atmosphere. It gets loud and dark inside, so arrive early if you don’t like crowds.
Don’t Miss: The Charlie’s sliders are a must-eat — complete with tomato-jalapeno jam, crisped-to-perfection shallots and a side of crunchy potato chips, they’re the best comfort food to enjoy with your first cocktail of the evening.
Order for the Table: The potato croquettes are sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Dip into chipotle aioli (all vegan, of course) and sin away.

Leave Room for: Charlie is famous for their cocktails, so be sure to leave room for one of their many must-tries. The East of Eden never disappoints, nor does the daily special Charlie’s Punch. Not in the mood for a drink? Try one of their equally complex and delicious mocktails.

Address: 131 S 13th Street

3. Bar Bombon

Calling All: Lovers of margaritas, tacos, and guacamole. Come for the drinks and stay for the filling and flavorful brunch, lunch, and dinner from Bar Bombon.

Plant Yourself: Right off Rittenhouse Square, this plant-based taqueria is turning out good food and good vibes. Grab a table for two in their busy dining room — or take a seat outside in the spring and summertime. Make a reservation if you can, since it can get crowded at lunch and dinner.

Don’t Miss: Bar Bombon is a can’t-miss spot when it comes to happy hour. Head there Monday-Thursday from 4 to 7 pm for $5 margaritas, $4.50 tacos, and anyone who’s ready to kick back and relax after work.

Order for the Table: Grab nachos or guacamole, buffalo cauliflower tacos, and some sweet coconut rice with Cuban black beans for the perfect vegan fiesta. Plus, the Philly cheesesteak empanadas are sure to give you a taste of Philadelphia (and satisfy any craving).

Leave Room for: You’re definitely going to want to enjoy a La Preferida margarita (or two, or three) with your meal, and save room to split some decadent, coconutty Tres leches cake when you’re done. What we’d skip: While the traditional and fajita tacos are certainly tasty, they don’t hold a candle to the signature buffalo cauliflower.

Address: 133 S 18th Street

4. The Tasty

Calling All: If you’re the kind of person who wants to wake up to classic diner comfort food, from biscuits and gravy to pancakes, head over to South Philly for The Tasty. Their entirely plant-based menu served in a laid-back atmosphere is guaranteed to cure your hunger or hangover — and make you happy you got out of bed at 9 am on a Sunday.

Plant Yourself: On the weekends, show up past 9 — that’s when The Tasty starts serving their full brunch menu, including specials like S’mores French Toast and Brunchiladas (yes, that’s brunch enchiladas). Order at the counter, get a cup of coffee and a table, and wait to hear your name called for the vegan brunch of your dreams.

Don’t Miss: If you love a savory breakfast, you must order the homemade flaky biscuits with Bayou gravy (it’s smoky, spicy, and sweet with vegan sausage and onion). If a sweet brunch is more your style, dig into the absolutely decadent potato Brioche French toast topped with whipped cream and berries.

Order for the Table: Since it wouldn’t be a dinner breakfast without potatoes, get an order of fried-to-perfection waffle fries for your whole group.
Leave room for: The Tasty has a wide range of vegan coffee drinks, from vanilla maple lattés with oat milk to almond cappuccinos.

Address: 1401 S 12th Street

5. Batter and Crumbs

Calling All: Coffee, dessert, and breakfast food lovers — Batter and Crumbs is the vegan hotspot you’ve been waiting for.
Plant Yourself: It’s been billed as the “vegan Starbucks,” and it doesn’t disappoint (in fact, it’s better). New to the Philly vegan scene, Batter and Crumbs is serving up pastries, muffins, and creative alternative-milk coffee drinks, all in a cozy coffee shop atmosphere. Bring some work or a friend and spend a morning in this vegan haven.

Don’t Miss: The artisanal Pop-Tarts are an amazing alternative to the packaged kind — especially with incredible vegan flavors like pumpkin pie and wild berry. See what specials are available in the bakery case and order whatever catches your eye!

Order for the Table: You won’t be disappointed with a selection of brownies, muffins, cupcakes, and whatever else the Batter and Crumbs team has dreamed up for behind the counter. Place an order to-go (be sure to do so ahead of time) and enjoy for days to come! Leave Room for: Coffee! You’ll appreciate the all-vegan offerings from mochas to chai lattés (plus options for chocolate drizzle, whipped cream, and flavored syrups). Pair with apple streusel and your morning is set.

Address: 1401 Reed Street

6. Front Street Café

Calling All: It’s the farm-to-table restaurant for everyone—billed as “vegan, vegetarian, and carnivore,” it’s got something for any kind of eater on its menu. However, this brunch, lunch, and dinner spot is especially vegan-friendly — and it’s a can’t-miss meal if you find yourself in the Fishtown area.

Plant Yourself: Space for weekend brunch can be tough, so make a reservation. If your group is early, you can always grab an espresso in its café section or a draft beer at the bar. Something we love? The menu is marked with tiny graphics to denote which items have meat, fish, or dairy — making plant-based ordering easy as ever. Note that the service tends to be slow, so order right away if you’re hungry!

Don’t Miss: Be sure to start with a local beer on draft. Then, try the veggie Reuben or tostada grain bowl at lunch, or the vegetable gnocchi at dinnertime. If you’re headed to FSC for breakfast, try the vegan scrapple with tofu scramble on a brioche bun.

Order for the Table: Start with the vegan mozzarella sticks. The crunchy sunflower-seed crust and the delicious dipping sauce will make you forget cheese ever existed.
Leave Room for: After your meal, try one of FSC’s refreshing smoothies. We recommend the matcha mint chip or the creamsicle.

What We’d Skip: The French fries and potatoes are a little on the heavier side, so leave them out unless you have time for a nap afterward.

Address: 1253 N Front Street

7. 20th Street Pizza

Calling All: If you love vegan pizza and you’ve already exhausted the options at Blackbird (or just want a Center City spot), head to its sister restaurant, 20th Street Pizza. Newly opened in the spring of 2019, it’s got the variety, comfort, and taste of its plant-based twin.

Plant Yourself: 20th Street Pizza keeps the same casual vibe as Blackbird, though the Center City location makes it seem a little more upscale. Order at the front and grab a seat in the back (or get it to-go, or even delivered if you’re in the area).
Don’t Miss: Instead of going in on an entire pie, order a variety of slices to try everything 20th Street has to offer. Start with the classic Margherita to get a taste, then try another or two of their more adventurous offerings (Hot Potato and Stromboli come to mind).

Order for the Table: The more traditional options come with the flavors you love, but the Greens pizza is secretly delicious. Be sure to add one of these slices to your order and have everyone try a bite: You won’t regret it.
Leave Room for: If you still have room for dessert after eating all the pizza your heart (and stomach) desire, 20t h Street Pizza offers sweet vegan cookies at the front of the shop.

What We’d Skip: While the garlic knots never fail to look mouthwatering, they’re a little lacking in flavor compared to the pizza options. Leave them behind and get an extra slice instead.

Address: 108 S 20th Street

8. HipCityVeg

Calling All: Fast-casual food lovers who have just been waiting for an all-vegan breakfast, lunch, and dinner spot.
Plant Yourself: This quick-stop, lower-cost vegan eatery currently has eight locations (including two in the Philly suburbs and two in D.C.), so you won’t have trouble finding one to grab your vegan meal. Note that not all locations serve breakfast, so be sure to head to the Broad St. spot if you’re looking for early morning grub.

Don’t Miss: The Ziggy Burger is a classic (smoked tempeh smothered in HipCityVeg’s flavorful sauce), while the Arugula Taco salad is the perfect pick for those craving lighter on-the-go fare.
Order for the Table: HipCityVeg is the place to go if you’re eating alone—so grab a vegan shake or smoothie with your meal and don’t worry about sharing!

Leave Room for: The banana whip is a healthy, refreshing dessert to pair with your meal, especially in the warmer months.
What We’d Skip: The food here can get greasy, so be prepared if you order a burger or sandwich with fries. If you’re looking for a cleaner option, stick to the salads and kale lemonade.

Address: 121 S. Broad Street (and other locations)

9. P.S. & Co.

Calling All: Anyone who loves to eat clean and healthy, but also wants food that tastes like, well, food. P.S. & Co isn’t just plant-based: It’s organic, Kosher, and gluten-free, so it caters to almost any special diet.

Plant Yourself: P.S. & Co combines a local bakery atmosphere with a sophisticated restaurant environment, so pick your vibe and go for it. Whether you’re headed out for a nourishing date night or just grabbing a juice and slice of cake on your own, they’ve got something for you.

Don’t Miss: Head over during the day and treat yourself to the Waffle Club. With baked tofu and sautéed veggie inside and a delicious waffle outside, it’s the sweet-savory mix you didn’t know you needed. The best part? Their vegan cheese is made from raw red pepper, so it doesn’t leave you feeling sick when you’re finished.

Order for the Table: If you’re a fan of avocado toast, your whole crew has to dig into their customizable options—choose your bread (from nut & seed to a whole-wheat bagel) and pick perfect toppings like sweet jalapeño drizzle, pico de gallo and did we mention their vegan hard-boiled "egg"?!

Leave Room for: Cake, muffins, scones, and more cake. The bakery window at P.S. & Co. is enough to get you in the door, and make you stay for one (or two, or three) incredible flavors, from carrot to chocolate caramel.

What We’d Skip: Can’t think of anything to skip here — they have healthy food to suit your preferences (and upgraded takes on comfort classics like grilled cheese and meatball subs).

Address: 1706 Locust Street

10. Mission Taqueria

Calling All: Want to get dinner with a friend who’s skeptical about the whole vegan thing? This is the place where everyone can have what they want — in a bright, Instagram-friendly setting.
Plant Yourself: Whether you’re seated at the bar, at one of their sprawling picnic tables, or in a booth, climb up the stairs and take a moment to appreciate the ambiance — shuffleboard tables, neon signs, and on-trend décor create a party vibe (and encourage you to snap lots of photos with your group). It’s the perfect happy hour spot.

Don’t Miss: Once you’ve enjoyed your chips, salsa, and guacamole (with a flavored margarita, of course), dig into one of their vegan taco options—grilled mushroom or roasted cauliflower. With turmeric tortillas and sunflower seed salsa, the roasted cauliflower is definitely a unique favorite.

Order for the Table: You can choose three salsas for a delectable trio that everyone will love — salsa fresca, habanero, and verde crudo make the best combination.
Leave Room for: While the desserts aren’t vegan-friendly here, you can’t go wrong with a signature margarita. Choose from options like a green juice margarita, a carrot-turmeric-pineapple frozen margarita, or make it spicy!

What We’d Skip: If you can’t choose between the two vegan tacos, leave behind the grilled mushroom — the roasted cauliflower easily packs the more interesting flavors of the two.

Address: 1516 Sansom Street (2nd Floor)

11. LUHV Vegan Deli

Calling All: Missing deli food? You’re going to be overjoyed by the options at this Reading Terminal spot — it has all the cold cuts and cheeses your herbivore heart desires.
Plant Yourself: Spend a late morning wandering around Philly’s Reading Terminal Market and end it with a fantastic lunch at this always-packed vegan joint. When you see all the “meat” and “cheese” options, you’re not going to believe that the menu is entirely vegan (but yes, it is). Bonus: you can order cold cuts, sliced cheeses, and sides (like vegan tuna salad and coleslaw) by the pound — and make a sandwich bar back at home!

Don’t Miss: The vegan Reuben is a must-add to your order. Get ready for the bite that will make sure you never miss meat or cheese again. Order for the table: LUHV is a perfect spot to eat solo, but if you’re with a group, order their other comfort food items — from house veggie burgers to gluten-free chili — and try everything.

Leave Room for: Since it wouldn’t be a sandwich without chips, be sure to grab some crunch as a side to your order.
Address: 51 N 12th Street (Inside Reading Terminal Market)

12. Sabrina’s

Calling All: Brunch lovers, unite! Bring your vegan, non-vegan, gluten-free, and omnivore friends to this picturesque University City spot (or check out one of their other locations around and outside the city). While the menu isn’t vegan, it’s packed with plant-based choices from brunch to dinner for even the pickiest of eaters.
Plant Yourself: Check the waitlist (and be prepared to wait at peak times) and head over with friends or family for brunch. More in the mood for dinner? Their meal menus are definitely delicious, though they’re more known for their breakfast.
Don’t Miss: The “Soy Division” vegan breakfast (on the brunch specials menu) is a brunch must-have: think perfectly toasted English muffin, plant-based Hollandaise sauce, and smoked tempeh, all served with a side of home fries. It’s the brunch you never knew you could have as a vegan — and it’s all yours.

Order for the Table: Your whole group is sure to appreciate some extra Sabrina’s home fries—grab another plate and share away! Leave room for: The “Waffle of Voodoo” (another brunch special) will fulfill your sweet breakfast dreams: Blueberry-vanilla sauce, bananas foster, and fresh strawberries, all over a warmed vanilla waffle? Count us in.

What we’d skip: Steer away from vegan substitutions for non-vegan meals (though they have plenty) and stick to the plant-based specials. You can’t go wrong with their variety of options — no replacements required!

Address: 227 N 34th Street (and other locations)

13. Martha

Calling All: Lately, everyone’s buzzing about Martha in Kensington — a neighborhood bar hotspot with upscale omnivorous food choices and creative drinks.

Don’t Miss: For vegan choices, skip the cheese and charcuterie and head right to the “vegetables” section of the menu. The “Vegan Jawn” hoagie is definitely their plant-based specialty — created with carrot and served with chips and a pickle on the side, it’s their version of a “coppa” cold cut. It’s sure to fill you up.

Order for the Table: If you’re with a group of fellow plant-based eaters, you must go in on the vegan cheese plate — with cashew and coconut cheeses, apple chutney, and a side of pickles, it’s any vegan’s dream. While your non-vegan friends may enjoy more of the sharing options, you can dig into some of the veggies — the pickle boat or Sichuan broccoli are two go-to options. Looking for something for everyone? You can’t go wrong with a hummus plate.

Leave Room for: If you’re a whiskey aficionado, you’ll love the local flight options at Martha. Looking for a cocktail? Go for the iced coffee Negroni if you flock toward strong flavors, and stick to the draft beer offerings for something light. For non-drinkers, the earl grey and applesauce kombucha flavors are a must-try.

What We’d Skip: Since the menu is limited for vegans, there’s not much you can go wrong with here!

Address: 2113 East York Street

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