If the Indianapolis 500 is the only thing you associate with Indiana’s capital, you’re in for a treat. Indy has been a city on the move ever since it hosted the Super Bowl in 2012 with a recently developed bike path providing recreation through the city’s center and designated cultural districts where cafes, breweries, and other attractions have been springing up. And while you might not think eating vegan in the heart of the Midwest is easy, given that Indiana’s signature dish is the pork tenderloin, you don’t have to look far for vegan eats in Indy. Ready to start those vegan engines? Here are 10 eateries that should be on your agenda.

1. Three Carrots Fountain Square

Calling All: Foodies who want to experience what some consider Indiana’s best vegan eatery

Plant Yourself: Doesn’t matter your palate, Three Carrots’ food is so good it will please everybody. Everything at Three Carrots is made from scratch, including its seitan, which is why you’ll see it featured heavily in the menu. For instance, the Philly Cheese Dog, Seitan Chikn Sandwich, and Seitan Gyro are just three of the seitan-forward dishes. Three Carrots is open for lunch and dinner Wednesday through Saturday and brunch on Sundays. There’s even a special menu for kids 12 and under.

Don’t Miss: Anything with seitan, which Three Carrots makes in-house. Try, for instance, the Banh Mi, the Buffalo Mac or the High Fives, its signature seitan nuggets.

Address: 920 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis

2. 10th Street Diner

Calling All: Anybody who has an appreciation for good food and a cozy, homey ambiance.

Plant Yourself:  This is one of the city’s newer eateries (as of three years ago) and there’s a reason it receives accolades from vegans and non-vegans: The food simply rocks. The restaurant is open on weekdays for lunch and dinner, but on Saturdays, it’s open only for brunch, and it posts its menus regularly on Facebook. For brunch, for instance, you might find a spicy chicken biscuit or chorizo hash while you might find a pink oyster mushroom BLT or 10th Street burger on the other menu. Bring your dog, as the patio is pup-friendly.

Don’t Miss: Fans rave about the chorizo chimichanga and seitan wings. The diner also runs regular specials so don’t forget to ask about those, too.

Address: 3301 E. 10th St., Indianapolis

3. Public Greens

Calling All: Outdoor enthusiasts who want to fuel up in a healthy, sustainable way.

Plant Yourself: Public Greens is located on Indy’s iconic Monon Trail, a paved trail spanning over 25 miles that’s frequented by cyclists, runners and walkers. It features a great patio where you can snag a seat (with your dog, too) and watch the action, even sip a locally brewed kombucha or beer on draft. Public Greens operates an urban micro farm from which it sources produce, herbs, and edible flowers for its plant-forward menu. While this isn’t a vegan-only eatery, you’ll find several options, which change based on the seasons. Not only is the eatery a Three Star Green Certified Restaurant, but it’s also part of The Patachou Foundation, which prepares and serves healthy meals to kids who are experiencing hunger and poverty. Every dollar you spend at Public Greens helps support this mission.

Don’t Miss: Choosing one of its signature bowls is always a good call. Try, for instance, the salad bowl with crispy falafel.

Address: 902 E. 64th St., Indianapolis

4. Broad Ripple Brewpub

Calling All: Craft beer fans looking for great vegan pub fare

Plant Yourself: Not only is this brewery located in the heart of one of the city’s most beloved districts (Broad Ripple), it also sits just off the Monon Trail, which means you can easily bike to it if you’re so inclined. While its beer list is often what draws people here, its vegan menu is surprisingly extensive, especially since this isn’t an all-vegan eatery. It’s largely based on comfort food – think nachos, pizza and burgers – but you’ll find other offerings here, too, like baked falafel, artichoke penne pasta, and three-bean chili.

Don’t Miss: Indiana’s signature dish goes vegan here, which is why the vegan tenderloin is a must-try. Other top picks include the seitan Reuben and vegan BLT, the seitan bacon coming straight from 10th Street Diner.

Address: 842 East 65th St., Indianapolis

5. Tinker Street

Calling All: Plant-based eaters who want a more upscale dining experience

Plant Yourself:  Tinker Street sources as much of its ingredients from Indiana farms as it can, and because it’s focused on seasonal items, the scratch menu at this cozy bistro is constantly changing. Yet no matter the time of year, you’ll find some of the most creative, flavorful vegan dishes here. As of press time, for instance, the menu featured a Curried Cauliflower Steak and Lemon Cappelletti. Vegan items on the menu are designated as such. You can even find vegan desserts, too. Note, though: It’s only open for dinners, and you have to be at least 21 to dine here.

Don’t Miss: Make sure you choose a veggie-forward dish from the “beginnings” part of the menu, as Tinker Street is an expert at turning vegetables into tasty works of art.

Address: 402 E. 16th St., Indianapolis

6. Canal Bistro

Calling All: Mediterranean diet lovers, especially anybody who identifies as a hummus-sapien

Plant Yourself:  The owners of this Mediterranean eatery hail from Egypt and Lebanon, which means that authenticity is at the heart of every dish. Of course, Mediterranean cuisine naturally leans plant-based so you’ll have no trouble eating vegan here, and although dishes aren’t denoted vegan per se, the staff can guide you through your choices. Expect Mediterranean staples like hummus, tabouli, dolmathes, falafel and baba ganoush to be featured heavily on the menu. Bonus? The patio is dog-friendly, and if you request a table on the side, you’ll have views of the city’s canal.

Don’t Miss: On the weekends, Canal Bistro serves brunch, and one of the best dishes is the Classic Fool Breakfast, which features slow-cooked fava beans. Ask for it to be made vegan and add falafel.

Address: 6349 Guildford Ave., Indianapolis

7. The Cul De Sac Kitchen

Calling All: Anybody seeking a tasty, quick lunch or early dinner

Plant Yourself: This Black-owned business serves some of the best vegan eats in Indianapolis. Even meat-eaters can’t get enough of this place, which is why you might have a small wait. The restaurant sits inside a strip mall, and its hours are more limited than other places, but don’t let that stop you. Once you’re there, you’ll find everything from burgers and wraps to stir fries and nacho stacks, many of which feature Cul De Sac’s house made walnut meat.

Don’t Miss: Nacho stacks are a specialty here, and although there are a few variations, you must try the SAC Nacho Stack with walnut meat, chickpeas, black beans, hummus and veggies topped with queso.

Address: 3827 N. Mitthoefer Rd., Indianapolis

8. Mimi Blue Meatballs

Calling All: Plant-based meatball lovers

Plant Yourself:  Don’t let the name of this restaurant turn you away. Mimi Blue features some of the best vegan meatballs in its fun mix-and-match menu. There are currently three vegan meatballs on the regular menu – the Wonderball (made with soy), veggie and black bean quinoa – and some special vegan balls during certain weeks. You can select four balls and pair each with either the marinara or spicy cilantro sauces, both of which are vegan. Then add vegan sides like French fries, linguine or fried Brussel sprouts.

Don’t Miss: If you love a meatball sandwich, the Dempsey should be on your radar. You get to select three meatballs, sauce, and bread, including a vegan pretzel bun.

Address: 870 Massachusetts Ave., Indianapolis

9. Union Jack Pub

Calling All: Vegans who are craving pub grub

Plant Yourself: Whether you’re in the mood for pizza, burger, soup, wrap, sandwich or salad, you’ve got vegan options at Union Jack, located in the Broad Ripple district. Look for the asterisks on the menu to see which items are already vegan or can be made vegan, many of which feature seitan and jackfruit. If you’re there on a weekend, you can order from the brunch menu where you’ll see a vegan favorite, Just Egg, in many of the dishes. There’s even vegan cheesecake to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Don’t Miss: If you have yet to try fishless fish and chips, Union Jack is the place to put them to the test. They come with fries, slaw and tartar sauce, all vegan. Another winner is the Hawaiian jackfruit flatbread.

Address: 921 Broad Ripple Ave., Indianapolis

10. Upland FSQ Brewery

Calling All: Craft beer fans who appreciate elevated vegan pub food

Plant Yourself:  Upland hails from Bloomington, home of Indiana University, and its Fountain Square location features 22 beers on tap as well as a menu with a surprisingly good selection of vegan-designated options, including appetizers, tacos, salads, and sandwiches. The location also features burgers, but you can sub in a veggie patty or Impossible meat for a vegetarian option (check with the staff to see if you can make this vegan). Dogs are welcome on the patio.

Don’t Miss: The Three Little Twigs Sandwich deserves a shout-out, as it’s made with seitan tenderloin, southwest tofu, ground Impossible chorizo, red onion and Bad Elmer’s BBQ s sauce.

Address: 1201 Prospect St., Indianapolis

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