Austin, Texas is the hidden gem of the South. Austin’s food scene is a direct reflection of the city’s uniqueness – where live music, high-tech, and Southern hospitality beautifully collide with international cultures, bringing you both health-forward and eclectic hybrid cuisines, including plant-based dining options from around the world. Here are 11 vegan and non-vegan restaurants where you will enjoy traditional southern vegan food.

1. Honest Mary’s*, 9828 Great Hills Trail Suite 300, Austin, TX 78759

Calling All: of you busy professionals and plant-based eaters who like to create your own bowls. You’ll choose a base, protein, sides, and toppings to craft the perfect grain bowl made from scratch. 

Plant Yourself: Inline before or after the lunch rush.

Must-Have: The homemade sauces are everything at Honest Mary’s. The cashew lime crema, ginger chili sriracha, and sesame vinaigrette are 100% vegan and gluten-free, but let me tell you…there’s zero compromise on flavor.

Be sure to enjoy: The handcrafted Agua Fresca’s with flavors like cucumber or hibiscus have little to no added sugar and the sweeteners of choice are often honey or stevia.

What to skip: the tofu as a protein. Go for a Farmers Market Bowl instead so that you can add an extra market side to your meal. Some protein alternatives include black beans and French green lentils. 

Don’t leave without: Grabbing a vegan, gluten-free almond butter with Maldon salt cookie. Yum! 

2. Koriente, 621 E 7th St, Austin, TX 78701

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Calling All: Health-conscious plant-based eaters. This Asian-inspired restaurant and tea house uses from-scratch ingredients, natural sweeteners and little to no oil whenever possible. Koriente also makes it a point to offer affordable and quick meals without compromising health.

Plant Yourself: On the back patio when the weather’s nice. Since there’s only one location and it just happens to be downtown, that means limited parking. Try going for lunch during the week and you’ll likely be able to park in one of their free spots for customers who are dining in. 

Must-Have: The Garden Handroll, which comes deconstructed: the plate comes with individual piles of veggies and seaweed paper, allowing you to create custom handrolls as you go!

Be sure to enjoy: The hummus or the summer rolls. Both are great dishes to start off a meal with, but the hummus option with spicy red pepper sauce is a fun alternative to your typical fresh, tofu-filled summer roll with peanut sauce.

What to skip: Edamame. Unless you’re a hardcore edamame-lover, save room for the other items.

Don’t leave without: Ordering a fresh bubble tea or their iced cinnamon without refined sugar to go so you can stay cool while exploring the downtown area on foot afterward.

3. Aster’s Ethiopian, 2804 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78705

(Vegetarian and vegan Ethiopian buffet or large plates to share family style).

Calling All: Adventurous eaters and buffet-goers! Don’t let the tiny building with bars on the windows, or the green grass-like carpet throw you off. This place is AMAZING. Astor’s Ethiopian food is designed to be eaten family-style with your hands and is a great cuisine to try if you’re not a fan of spicy dishes.

Plant Yourself: In the booths by the windows during the lunch buffet. 

Must-Have: Anything with lentils. Since the buffet is all-you-can-eat, just make sure you read the descriptions above the hot trays for the vegan options. 

Be sure to enjoy: The injera bread. It’s made from teff flour, is spongy in texture, and is to be used as your dining utensil. 

What to skip: Ordering off the main menu. The buffet has more than enough vegetarian and vegan options. 

Don’t leave without Sharing this meal with your friends and family. It’s not nearly as fun to experience Astor’s without a group! 

4. Taco Deli, 1500 Spyglass Dr, Austin, TX 78746

Calling All: Taco lovers. If you’ve heard about the tacos in Austin, Taco Deli is a local spot you can’t pass up. Practically everything on the menu is locally sourced and even organic ingredients are used when available. 

Plant Yourself: At any open table! Now with more than one location around Austin, you can get your taco fill no matter where you find yourself in the city. Make sure you arrive before 3 pm because these guys only offer breakfast and lunch. One more thing - have someone in your group snag a table while you wait in line to order.

Must-have: The “Freakin’ Vegan” breakfast taco or the “Papadulce” taco at lunch. One’s loaded with refried black beans and guacamole; the other’s filled with roasted sweet potatoes, toasted pepitas and a chipotle-camote sauce. (Need I say more?) Get both on corn tortillas and top them off with the mild salsa verde.

Be sure to enjoy: The unlimited salsa bar. The mild salsa verde pairs well with literally every taco, but if you’re more of a red salsa fan, try the roja salsa. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.

What to skip: Good news. We first said to skip the Doña salsa because they used to contain dairy but NOW they are 100% vegan, so you must try their Doña salsa. It might just be the salsa that put them on the ATX taco scene (it’s really that good), and guess what: Now it’s definitely dairy-free.  So don't skip it after all!

Don’t leave without: Going for breakfast and building your own vegan tacos (two are the perfect amount!) From Portobello mushrooms to vegan nut chorizo, you can enjoy noshing on some infamous Austin breakfast tacos without feeling gipped for lack of plant-based breakfast options.

5. Juiceland, 1625 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704

Screen Shot 2019-11-22 at 1.24.19 PM

Calling All: Smoothie kings and queens. Juiceland has got you covered from cleansing green juices to protein-packed smoothies. You can even order them ahead of time and pick them up for an adventure-filled day around Austin.

Plant Yourself: At the Domain Northside location after 10 am. You can grab your drink and bop around the infamous Domain where outdoor shopping on foot takes on a whole new meaning.

Must-Have: As weird as it may sound, the vegetable collective has the perfect mix of fruits and vegetables that make this green smoothie one of the best in town. Cauliflower makes it creamy and the hemp protein gives it substance. Seriously, you’ve got to try it.

Be sure to enjoy: The refrigerated vegan snacks and meals to go. These are a great grab and go option if you’re in a rush or know you’ll be hungry in a few hours after your drink.

What to skip: The shots. While they’re no doubt vitamin and nutrient-dense, stick with a regular-sized juice or smoothie to get the best bang for your buck.

Don’t leave without: Trying a superfood latte sweetened with dates. You’ve got three choices – mocha, matcha, and cold brew coffee.

6. Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Road, Austin, Texas 78704

Calling All: Vegan foodies who are socially conscious, enjoy eating seasonally and delight being in community. Casa de Luz is more than just a restaurant – it’s a space designed to encourage unity in the local community. If you’re curious about the concept of Macrobiotics, Casa de Luz is a restaurant you can’t pass up.

Plant Yourself: In the hammocks or at the tables outside. You’ll leave feeling fueled, satisfied and rejuvenated. 

Must-Have: The menu rotates each day, so you can choose between a breakfast or lunch and dinner menu. Head there at 11am or after if you’d like to experience the savory menu.  

Be sure to enjoy: The kukicha tea. It’s low in caffeine, contains six times more calcium than cow’s milk and even combats diseases. 

Don’t leave without: Perusing their selection of healthy items for your pantry or for your friend’s next birthday behind the cashier. 

7. Bouldin Creek Café, 1900 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

Calling All: Vegetarians and vegans who love home-cooked meals.

Plant Yourself: At the café during lunchtime for the lunch specials from 11 am to 3 pm on weekdays.

Must-Have: Their vegan plain and blueberry cornbread are to die for. You really can’t go wrong with either one as a side at breakfast, lunch or dinner. 

Be sure to enjoy: The Tarzan Big Salad with sunflower sprouts and the Farmers Plate with sweet potato & pecan tamales. Both dishes scream “Keep Austin Weird,” so what more could you ask for? 

What to skip: The tofu scrambles. Go for their local tempeh instead.

Don’t leave without: Trying the vegan chili con queso. Even if you can’t eat it all, where else are you going to find vegan chili and cheese? They’ve also got a great happy hour, so check that out around dinner time.

8. Mother's Café and Garden, 4215 Duval St, Austin, TX 78751

Calling All: Weekend brunch and live music fans. Mother’s Café and Garden has been serving vegetarian, vegan and allergy-friendly food since 1980. 

Plant Yourself: In the backroom to grab a table close to the live music. The times vary so make sure to contact them before you go.

Must-Have: Their vegan specialty enchiladas with tempeh and cashew chipotle sauce.

Be sure to enjoy: The Migas (it’s eggs or tofu scrambled with tortilla strips, veggies and salsa!) or the pancake of the day from their weekend brunch.

Don’t leave without: Ordering a piece of the vegan Belgian chocolate cake to go. It’s sinful. 

9. El Dorado, 3300 W Anderson Ln #303, Austin, TX 78757

Calling All: Folks who love Mexican-inspired dishes. El Dorado Café gives a spin on interior Mexican food by adding unique elements of comfort.

Plant Yourself: This place gets insanely crowded so come at off times or be prepared to wait. The good news? You can grab free chips and salsa and a drink at the bar while you wait. Just make sure to come before 6pm so you can try their house margarita on happy hour.

Must-Have: The Eldorado Salsa Sampler. It includes all 5 of their house salsas, which are fantastic. Seriously, even if you don’t want the chips, you’ve got to order the salsa sampler for your meal - you won’t be disappointed. P.S. Salsa X is the best! 

Be sure to enjoy: The vegan enchiladas filled with roasted squash and topped with red or green sauce and shredded purple cabbage. 

What to skip: Their salads. If you’re going to eat at El Dorado, get an authentic dish.

Don’t leave without: Asking for a to-go box. Portions here are large.

10. Via 313, 1802 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702 (Three Locations)

Calling All: Pizza people. Via 313 has some of the best plant-based pizza around, so it’s definitely worth the trip.

Plant Yourself: At the East 6th street location. It’s the original.

Must-Have: The Detroit-style Marinara vegan pizza or The Herbivore with a gluten-free crust and dairy-free cheese. You can add all the toppings you want, but the tempeh-mushroom-broccoli combo is a winner.

Be sure to enjoy: Their seasonal cocktails such as their rotating seasonal sangria made with in-season fruits.

What to skip: A salad as a main entrée. If you’re going to Via 313, you’ve got to try the pizza. A salad here makes for a great appetizer or side dish, but not your main one!

Don’t leave without: Getting a to-go box so that you can eat your pizza leftovers in the morning. Don’t tell me you don’t love cold pizza for breakfast.

11. Sweet Ritual, 4631 Airport Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78751

Calling All: Ice cream fiends. Sweet Ritual is a 100% vegan, allergy-friendly ice cream shop with rotating flavors and bases! 

Plant Yourself: At the counter as quickly as you can during the week. There’s almost always a line on the weekend, but it’s totally worth the wait. 

Must-Have: Their mint chip flavor made with organic spirulina or their sun butter chocolate chip flavor with mini dairy-free chocolate chips. Ready to go big? Top it off with a warm vegan brownie. 

Be sure to enjoy: The toppings. The vegan salted caramel sauce is hands down one of the best vegan caramel sauces ever known to man. In fact, it may even trump traditional caramel. 

What to skip: The shakes. If you want to have an authentic ice cream eating experience and avoid finishing your dessert within 5 minutes, skip the shakes. 

Don’t leave without: Grabbing a pint to go! Be sure to stock up on the seasonal flavors.

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