Portland, Oregon is a perfect playground for those seeking some plant-based grub. From fast-casual cafes to food trucks, to upscale dining...Portland has it all. You likely won’t have time to try all the vegan spots in Portland, so we’ve highlighted some top picks to add to your list as you eat and drink your way through the city.

1. Farm Spirit

For a fine-dining vegan foodie experience, Farm Spirit is a perfection—if you are willing to spend the cash. Before the pandemic, reservations were required in advance, and dinner was only served Wednesday through Saturday. Currently, you can order Farm Spirit entrees, sides, beverages, fermented vegetables, and more for takeaway or delivery online from Wednesday to Sunday, 11 am to 8 pm

Calling All: Eaters that want to impress their picnic or at-home dinners with delicious, inventive fare.

Plant Yourself: At the bar seating for an interactive experience. Or, sit at one of the standard dining tables for more intimate dining.

Order for the Table: While you're buying a meal, grab some tempeh or fermentation making supplies to get crafty in the kitchen.



This Middle Eastern spot has arguably some of the best vegan fare in the city. AVIV focuses on perfecting Isrelie-inspired fare set among a rustic-chic setting. Here you’ll find lots of small plates, perfect for sharing. With an assortment of filling delights, meat-eaters and veg-heads alike are enthralled with this place.

Calling All: Hummus-obsessed, since here you’ll have your pick of nine different varieties.

Plant Yourself: At home. Currently, AVIV is open for takeout and delivery only, 11 am to 10 pm daily.

Order for a Crowd: The baba ganoush, any hummus, and the Truffle Mac & Cheese.

Don't Miss: The Falafel Plate, “Shawarma” made with soy chorizo alongside some other fixings.

3. Vtopian Restaurant & Cheese Shop

In the Goose Hollow neighborhood of Portland, you’ll find Vtopian Restaurant & Cheese Shop, a quaint, no-frills spot for vegan cheese tasting and other bites. The large selection of cheeses are front and center in a display case, all made in-house.

Calling All: Who want to create their own wine (or beer) and vegan cheese pairing experience.

Order for a Crowd: A cheese plate that comes out on a marble slab with a selection of cheese, fruit, crackers, and other delights. Plus, share the Mac & Cheese topped with tempeh bacon.

Don't Miss: One of their incredible sugar-free desserts.

4. Virtuous Pie

For a casual pizza joint with unique and creative flavors, you have to head to Virtuous Pie. Here you’ll find killer pizzas, thin-crust style, and an assortment of salads and side dishes. If rolling with a group, this spot is great to order a bunch or pizzas and salads do family style. They also have wine and beer on draft. The seating can sometimes be sparse, so have someone grab your table while you wait in line to order.

Calling All: Thin-crust pizza lovers looking for a laid back spot with excellent pies and plant-based ice cream for dessert. Virtuous Pie's Portland locations (Other locations include Victoria, British Columbia, and Chinatown in Vancouver) is currently open for takeout and delivery only.

Order for a Crowd: One of the salads to share; any are a nice balance with the pizza.

Don't Miss: The Buffalo Cauliflower Pizza...also appropriate for a table share.

Other notable mentions

With so much plant-forward food in Portland, we would need to write a short book to cover it all. Other honorable mentions include Top Burmese (yes, Burmese vegan food). Next Level Burger, which offers mock meat or true plant-based patties for a customizable burger. Sushi Love—you’ll hate there’s not one in your city. Voodoo Donuts, a must for a late-night snack or morning breakfast. And finally, check out the Vegan Mini Mall, which is a block that includes a number of vegan shops including Sweetpea Baking Company, Portland’s first vegan bakery (with really good coffee); Food Fight! Grocery, an all-vegan grocery store; and Herbivore Clothing fashion boutique carrying neat gifts, accessories, shoes, and more.