Whether it’s the blossoming art scene or the beautiful marinas, Savannah, Georgia is a must-visit city. Home to the Savannah College Art and Design, Savannah is a fast-growing southern city with beautiful culture and food. The coastal, historical city offers an extremely warm and welcoming atmosphere that any visitor will fall in love with. Savannah’s easygoing atmosphere is accompanied by its thrilling food scene, which in the last decade saw the start of a flourishing vegan and vegetarian selection. These six restaurants will help any plant-based eaters fill their time in Savannah with both great experience, but delectable meals.

1. Sentient Bean, 13 E Park Ave.

Calling All: Early birds! Grab a coffee and small breakfast at the Sentient Bean, an entirely vegetarian cafe right next to Forsyth Park. The coffeeshop offers a filling, savory vegan breakfast burrito with a tofu scramble, house vegan “sausage,” spinach, black beans, and vegan spicy mayo.

Order for a Crowd: Sentient Bean carries a variety of vegan and gluten-free pastries that you can take to go.

Don't Miss: The Sentient Bean is the perfect pitstop for an afternoon coffee and quick lunch. The menu features a selection of salads and bowls for a fully plant-based meal. The Heart of Gold consists of organic greens, red onion, roasted red pepper, artichoke hearted, and topped with toasted walnuts. The bowl comes with two crostinis and a cup of the house balsamic.

Take Note: When you stop by, make sure to pair your meal with a non-dairy espresso drink. The coffee menu is stacked with everyone’s favorite drink and can be made with soy, oat, and almond milk.

2. Fox & Fig Cafe, 321 Habersham St

Plant Yourself: The best thing to do in Savannah is walking around the city. As one of the most walkable cities in the South, the next thing to do is find somewhere to eat. The Fox & Fig Cafe opened up in Troup Square, so for anyone taking a leisurely stroll through Savannah this is a must know.

Calling All: Eaters looking for a totally vegan menu! Fox & Fig is the first 100% vegan restaurant in Savannah, and the food lives up to all expectations. The cafe offers a fully plant-based menu that spans breakfast, lunch, dinner, and most importantly dessert.

Order for a Crowd: When you make your way to the sustainable restaurant, make sure to try the Eggless quiche, the chickpea stew, or the tostadas Verde.

Don't Miss: A plant-based espresso bar is as exciting as it sounds. The coffee bar offers a full range of non-dairy options. Beyond the normal oat and almond milk, Fox & Fig presents its own homemade cashew hemp milk to add a little flair to the already satisfying experience.

3. Kayak Kafe, Multiple Locations

Plant Yourself: At one of Kayak Kafe's two locations. Kayak Kafe is offering all of Savannah a healthy, casual dining experience. You could be craving a salad, a sandwich, tacos, or a burger and your desire will be met with a flavor-packed meal. The restaurant brands itself as an extremely health-conscious establishment, trying to pack in the most flavor with the least damage to the body as well as the environment.

Don't Miss: With fresh ingredients each day, the Kayak Kafe must be on the list. Order online for an appetizer, a loaded burger, or a savory panini.

Calling All: Eco-conscious eaters! Even though not completely plant-based, the restaurant dedicates itself to sustainability both in the food and the packaging. Kayak Cafe uses 100% compostable eco products and promotes a healthy individual lifestyle, but a healthy relationship with the environment.

4. Zunzi’s,108 E York St

Plant Yourself: For an eclectic twist of cuisines, Zunzi’s Takeout and Catering is the perfect place. The eatery mixes South African, Swiss, Italian, and Dutch cuisines to create an exciting menu with a vegetarian selection for those struggling to find a place to eat in Savannah.

Don't Miss: Zunzi’s menu features two prominent plant-based sandwiches, the Rising Sun and the Johnny Roll. The Rising Sun is served on French bread filled with portobello mushrooms, peppers, onions, squash, zucchini, greens, tomatoes, avocado, and hummus. The sandwich is packed to the brim with delicious ingredients. The Johnny Roll holds the restaurant’s Frikkadel Vegan “Meatballs,” Hummus, spinach onion, peppers, and Sheba sauce. The two sandwiches make amazing lunches for quick bites.

Order for a Crowd: The rest of the vegetarian/vegan menu impresses as much as the sandwiches. The bowl and the salad bring a flavor pack of nutrition with taste to please anyone. When you get takeout from Zunzi’s, make sure you buy a South African Tea, because no tea tastes like it!

5. CO,10 Whitaker St

Plant Yourself: This pan-Asian restaurant focuses primarily on classic Vietnamese dishes with a contemporary twist. The restaurant recently rolled out its full vegan menu, completely separate from the restaurant’s original menu.

Don't Miss: The vegan menu features an extensive list of Asian cuisine from Bahn Mis to Com Chien, a savory fried rice dish full of tofu and edamame. The restaurant is based in the heart of downtown and includes a full-bar that in normal times will host live performances. For now, swing by to get food from the vegan menu, but remember this bar for when the gathering is safe.

Order for a Crowd: The must-try item is the vegan plant-based udon. The noodle dish features tofu, peppers, jalapenos, and a sweet soy sauce with the right amount of spice. Start the meal with the restaurant’s tofu summer rolls and grab a drink. CO’s vegan menu is a top contender for the city and a place to revisit because it’s impossible to get enough of the menu.

6. Brighter Day Natural Foods, 1102 Bull St

Calling All: Plant-based travelers! Brighter Day Natural Foods is a Savannah necessity. Located in the Victorian district, this one-stop-shop has everything for every plant-based consumer. The store carries plenty of plant-based snacks and essentials, filling the aisles with fresh, sustainable products. The market is the blueprint that Savannah needed for its plant-based food scene, offering recipes, ingredients, and online wellness tools.

Don't Miss: The helpfulness doesn’t stop at the retail and general grocery. Brighter Day also features a fully stocked deli. When you are shopping or if you are just hungry, the deli menu is stocked with vegan and vegetarian sandwiches, salads, and an array of delicious sides. When you choose your meal (a buffalo tofu wrap or the “taste like tuna salad” sandwich) make sure to walk out with one of the deli’s fresh-pressed juices. We guarantee you will (or will want to) walk out with more than you can carry.

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