Miami is one of the most flavorful places to be vegan as many of the strictly plant-based restaurants and veg-forward menus offer a selection of veggie versions of classic Latin American dishes from Arepas to Choripán. Next time you’re looking for delicious vegan food in Miami, dine at any of these seven plant-based spots in the Magic City, which feature fresh, delicious fare.

The 6 Best Vegan Restaurants in Miami, Florida

1. Planta

Calling All: The 100 percent plant-based by award-winning Chef David Lee is the best spot for fine-dining lovers in Miami.

Plant yourself: Large groups will want to sit at the tall tables that can seat at least 10 guests, so call ahead for a reservation if you're coming with an entourage.

Order to Share: The spicy tuna rolls at Planta are a fan favorite. They're made with watermelon that’s prepared in a way that mimics the texture of raw tuna. Grab one for the table to start before digging into the extensive menu options of innovative dishes including pizzas, steamed dumplings, ceviche, and more.

Don’t Miss: The upscale restaurant has a weekly Sunday special dedicated to their Italian dishes. The Sunday Sauce menu includes spaghetti and “meatballs,” crispy cauliflower parmesan, and build-your-own pizzas. Finish your meal with a decadent vegan tiramisu for dessert.

Leave Room For Planta’s vegan version of the Florida classic, key lime pie. The cashew avocado lime cheesecake is made with a coconut date crust and dressed with an absolutely delicious raspberry purée.

Address: 850 Commerce St, Miami Beach

2. Delicious Raw 

Calling All: Health fanatics will love the gigantic list of smoothies, juices, and elixirs at the vegetarian fast-casual Delicious Raw.

Plant Yourself: Arrive early to snag one of the outdoor tables and enjoy that south Florida sunshine while you nosh.

Don’t Miss: The avocado toast is anything but basic as it’s drizzled in truffle oil. Just remember to swap out the cheese for vegan parmesan to ensure it's 100 percent vegan.

Order to Share: Indulge in the 'Righteous Waffle' made of ancient grains, homemade vanilla almond milk, and topped with a fresh fruit compote or pure vegan maple butter.

Leave Room For: Cleanse your palate with a raw shot like the Defense Shot with lemon, ginger, and cayenne.

Address: 1828 Bay Rd, Sunset Harbour

3. Love Life Cafe at Time Out Market

Calling All: Vegan burger fanatics won’t want to miss the award-winning version at Love Life Cafe.

Plant Yourself: Head to the Love Life Cafe food stall in Time Out Markets; the Wynwood location is often sold out of the burger.

Don’t Miss: If vegan burgers aren’t your thing but you’re down with mock meat you must try the vegan Choripán made with Beyond Meat sausage and served with a side kale salad.

Order to Share: The mac & cheese portion is huge, so dive into the savory bowl of the gluten-free mac doused with cashew alfredo sauce with some friends, or take the rest of your portion to-go.

Leave Room For: The carrot cake, which melts-in-your-mouth thanks to its decadent soy icing.

Address: 1601 Drexel Ave, Miami

4. Manna Life Food

Calling All: For flavorful eats on a budget in Miami look no further than the fully vegan Manna Life Food.

Plant Yourself: Head to the back of the restaurant to sit in the cozy lounge area.

Don’t Miss: The arepas at Manna Life are so popular they started to sell packets of the organic corn base. There’s an array of toppings to choose from, but the roasted veggies with cashew cream cheese and basil always hit the spot.

Order to Share: The 'Noritos' are cut in half and perfect for sharing. Wrapped in nori and available in a variety of fillings including an Asian-inspired edamame coconut brown rice mixture or falafel, hummus, and tzatziki.

Leave Room For: Grab a guilt-free smoothie to go as the takeaway cups are made of plant plastic and the straws are made from Agave. The Manna Lifeshake is packed with plant protein and is naturally sweet with cacao, cashew mylk, dates, coconut whipped cream, and more.

Address: 80 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

5. Bunnie Cakes

Calling All: The debut vegan bakery in Miami has something for everyone with a sweet tooth, and even a few savory dishes if you're not in the mood for dessert.

Plant Yourself: Seating is limited so enjoy your bite-sized cupcake on the go.

Don’t Miss: If you have a vegan birthday to celebrate ordering a cake from Bunnie Cakes is the obvious choice, because their treats are gorgeous and delicious. But, you don’t need a reason to celebrate so treat yourself to a cake sundae with layers of delicious cake and vegan frosting.

Order to Share: Pick up a box of bite-sized cupcakes to share. Pick and choose your favorite flavors including passion fruit, dulce no leche, red velvet, and more.

Leave Room For: Not everything at Bunnie Cakes is sweet. Grab one of their vegan sandwiches to go including a drool-worthy Cuban rendition and BBQ jackfruit.

Address: 2322 NE 2nd Ave, Miami

6. Plant Miami

Calling All: Plant Miami in Sacred Space is fully vegan and mostly raw. It’s the chic place to see and be seen by the vegan elite in Miami.

Plant Yourself: The outdoor patio is surrounded by greenery and brought to life with regular DJ sets but the seats fill up quickly. Luckily, the restaurant is just as stunning indoors.

Don’t Miss: The upscale vegan eatery has a selection of dishes inspired by Latin American countries such as the tamale ranchero with adobo squash, black beans, and lime cream or the mushroom arepa with adobo king oyster mushrooms and avocado mousse.

Order to Share: Plant Miami caters to everyone and can mark which dishes are nut-free.

Leave Room For: Vegan passionfruit flan. Need we say more?

Address: 105 NE 24th St, Miami

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