Getting Started

Embarking on any new dietary adventure can be daunting—how do you swap out lifelong eating habits for new ones—and make sure they stick? The key to making and maintaining a meaningful diet switch is to not try to do it overnight. Small, smart steps are essential for sustainable success. Here’s your guide to going plant-based.

The 6 Surprising Benefits of Eating a Plant-Based Diet
Tired of being hammered over the head with a head of lettuce about eating more plants? Fair enough. But eating more plants - whether you want to call yourself plant-based or not - has some pretty powerful perks when it comes to your health, way beyond a smaller jeans size (though research has shown …
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Want more plant-based recipes in the palm of your hand every day? Love getting the latest plant-based news alerts? Or finding a restaurant that just opened in your 'hood that serves vegan sushi? The Beet is excited to announce that our new app is now available for iOS and Android...

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