Success Stories

Inspiring stories of people who have gone plant-based and changed their health fate, their weight or their lives.

Eric Adams Is NYC’s First Vegan Mayor. He Shares His Health Journey
Eric Adams is the new Mayor-elect of New York City and everyone is talking about how he is only the second black person to hold that office. But he is also a first: The first Mayor of New York to be a self-proclaimed vegan. He came to this healthy way of eating through a harrowing health experience and shared his personal journey with The Beet...
Nichole Lewis Lost 120 Pounds & Treated Her Mental Health. Her Inspiring Story
Nichole Lewis admits she used to be the hamster on the wheel – unfulfilled with the results of countless diets she tried over the years to lose weight and hope to feel better. But none of them worked. She actually gained more weight, repeatedly falling back on bad habits, until she eventually found the right approach that worked for her, and ultimately it changed her life. Lewis' first attempt to
Raw Food Cured His Acne, but Eating Whole Food Got Him In Shape
Russell James is known as 'The Raw Chef' in the UK, where he taught his many followers how to make delicious food that is healthy. Suffering from debilitating acne in his teens, he discovered raw food which not only reversed his acne but taught him the power of food as medicine, setting him off on a new career path. James went on to bec...
“I Treated My Asthma With a Plant-Based Diet.” Here’s What the Research Says
The list of medical conditions that could benefit from a switch to a plant-based diet seems to be growing, and asthma, the chronic respiratory condition, is also getting a good hard look from researchers around the globe. I have suffered from serious asthma and switching to a plant-based diet helped me, so looking into foods that trigger asthma, and possible dietary changes to help reduce asthma s
How Olympic Athlete Dotsie Bausch Fuels With a Vegan Diet
At 26 years old, Dotsie Bausch was a fashion model struggling with eating disorders and drug addiction. One day, during a therapy session, her therapist encouraged her to move her body again, encouraging her to take up a physical activity that was not attached to a goal of fitness or weight loss. She...
How This Doctor Used Diet to Heal His Arthritis
From the age of 17, Dr. Micah Yu has been dealing with gout, a form of arthritis characterized by severe pain, redness, and tenderness in joints. Over time, as he continued to eat a Standard American Diet (SAD), his gout pain transformed to another form of arthritis, affecting multiple joints in his body. For...
How One Woman Treated Hodgkins Lymphoma With Diet and Holistic Healing
Elissa Goodman, 61, has a passion for helping people discover the power of plant-based nutrition and holistic healing, just as she did in her 30s when she was diagnosed with cancer. Born with a low white blood count, she was always "the sick kid" in school who was too weak to do sports. In her 30s as an advertising exec...

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