Animal Welfare

Ann Arbor, Michigan Passes Citywide Ban on Fur
Ann Arbor, Michigan just announced that it would move forward in its plans to ban fur sales across the entire city. The Ann Arbor City Council members just unanimously passed a ban that will stop the sale and distribution of fur products within the city...
Maine Becomes Sixth US State to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing
Maine just passed legislation that will make it the sixth state to completely ban cosmetic animal testing. Governor Janet Mills signed LD 1551 into law, banning the sale of cosmetics tested on animals across the state. The bill was sponsored by Representative Vicki Doudera (D-Camden) and will ban all products using animal testing, making it illegal for any retailer or manufacturer to deal with pro
Animal Agriculture May Be Responsible For 87% Of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Animal agriculture is well-known as one of the most harmful offenders regarding greenhouse gas emissions, but a new report claims that the UN Food and Agriculture Organizations (FAO) has underestimated the industry’s damages. A new report from The Climate Healers reported that animal agriculture is responsible for at least 87 percent of greenhouse emissions. The repor...
Virginia Becomes Fourth US State to Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing
Virginia is now the fourth US state to ban cosmetic animal testing after Governor Ralph Northam recently signed the Virginia Humane Cosmetics Act into law. The legislation was drafted by state Senator Jennifer Boysko and Delegate Kaye Kory, authoring the policy that aims to ban the testing of new cosmetics and the sale of animal-tested cosmetics by January 1st of next year. Virginia joins Califor

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