Elysabeth Alfano

5 Tips To Eat Less Meat From a Former Die-Hard Meat Eater
Raydel Hernandez grew up on meat. Growing up in a Cuban family, It was not only an important part of every meal, but it was an important part of his culture. The recipes that his grandmother made had love, meaning, and connection. So, when the doctor said that the way for Raydel to live with his gout was to commit to a life of pills, he was less bothered than when she said if he wanted to reverse
Divergent Actor Shares How to Get Back on Track to Eating Plant-Based
If you're like a lot of people, January resolutions are long over and you've had a few rough weeks of not eating your best, or sticking with your plant-based intentions, or drinking too much, or staying up late binge-watching Netflix. If you need a little inspiration, newly plant-based actor Christian Madsen (of Divergent and Family Business on BET) talks about his plant-based journey and how he g
The 10 Healthy Plant-Based Food Trends That Will Be Big in 2021 and Beyond
Working in an industry that is experiencing rapid growth, I often get a preview of the latest products, trends, and technology in the plant-based realm. With an eagerness to get 2020 in our rearview mirror, and looking ahead to what we will be eating and drinking for health and wellbeing in the plant-based space in 2021 and beyond, I thought I would share my Top 10 Plant-based Food Predictions for

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