What We're Cooking This Weekend

The best vegan eats and treats to cook for fun.

What We’re Cooking This Weekend: Vegan Chocolate Mousse
This Vegan Chocolate Mousse is the perfect way to end off your Valentines dinner and it’s a lot healthier than most chocolate mousse’s. You can count the number of ingredients on one hand, and the same goes for the number of steps to make this recipe. This recipe may be healthy but thi…
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Hibiscus Coconut Yogurt Bowl With Fresh Fruit
What We're Cooking This Weekend: Hibiscus Coconut Yogurt Bowl
FROM: @resplendentkitchen
WHY WE LOVE IT: It's an easy dish to make for breakfast and bring on the go. Let the chia seeds sit for 20 minutes while you get ready for work and enjoy...

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