The VegStart Diet Tips

The VegStart Diet Expert Tip 3: Supplement With Vitamins D3 and B12
This meal plan will provide you with a sufficient amount of nutrients, both macros and micros, which is awesome! Still, most people would benefit from taking both a vitamin D and vitamin B12, since those are harder to get from diet alone. Vitamin B12 helps boost metabolic function and aid in the body's ability to turn fatty acids into energy, so it can help you lose weight and naturally shed fat f
The VegStart Diet, Expert Tip 7: Limit Processed Foods
Stay away from processed foods because they are filled with sodium, sugar, hydrogenated fats and preservatives. They can also be loaded with chemicals, such as food coloring, and have been engineered to make you eat more. A recent study found that participants who loaded up on processed foods ate an average of 500 more calories a day than those who stuck to whole foods, which will keep you fuller

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