If you're having fun, chances are you are going to be successful. This is true at work and sports and dieting too. Make the 14 days a fun project that you truly enjoy from start to finish, and your success will be amplified.

How to do that? Share your photos of your meals with us, and share your small triumphs and challenges with your community. Sign up and join The Beet's Plant-Based Diet page on our Facebook account. Make it a party when you’re cooking.

This doesn’t have to be a gloomy and un-enjoyable process. Everyone wants to eat healthily, and sharing the recipes is a way of spreading the word about this new plan.

For even more fun and enjoyment, enlist a pal or a group, even your group chat. Tell your friends to try it. Hashtag #VegStartDiet and let others know how doable this diet is!

For more ways to have fun with it, check out:

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