Download the 100+ page e-Book of The Beet’s Plant-Based Diet, which contains the entire plan in one place: 14 days of recipes, 2 shopping lists, a meal-prep guide, helpful graphics and motivating expert tips.

Print out the full e-Book and log your progress to stay on course with the helpful journal in the back. Get ready to get your diet–and your body–back on a healthy track. You're going to feel amazing.

See The Beet’s Plant-Based Diet in a beautiful e-Book to download, print, and keep handy!

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Keep Track of Your Progress

log your progress for weight loss
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Keeping a progress log is an effective way to stay on track throughout your diet. Use this log to write down your day-to-day meals, workouts, mood and wins to help you ace this diet.

Here is The Beet’s Plant-Based Diet Progress Tracker.


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