Elizabeth Eden Harris, professionally known as CupcakKe, hit pop culture by storm in 2015, going viral with her hit songs like ‘Cartoon', and 'Duck Duck Goose.' In 2016, her mixtape was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the Best Rap Albums of the year.

CupcakKe is well known today for her hyper-sexualized lyrical style, wild performance, and comical persona. She grew up in Chicago, Illinois raised by her single mother. Starting at the young age of seven, she spent nearly four years in Chicago’s homeless shelters. In later childhood, she attended school with some of Chicago's other successful rappers, such as Lil Reese and Chief Keef.

Harris began writing and performing at an early age, by involvement in her local church eventually taking written poetry and converting it to rap lyrics. She began releasing music online in 2012. CupcakKe’s music emphasizes themes such as LGBTQ+ rights, female empowerment, police brutality, and sexual liberation.

Yesterday, CupcakKe tweeted to her 604,000 followers a surprising announcement, saying, ‘Well ... I have officially decided I'm going vegan...  this will be a very hard journey but I'm 100% committed to it & look forward to what the future holds. Wish me luck’

CupcakKe Says She's 100% Committed to Eating Vegan

The post gained attention quickly and was followed by waves of positive feedback. One follower commented, “Yesssss. There are many of us Black vegans out there and if you need any help transitioning, I got you!” Black women make up the largest demographic in the vegan population, helping to pioneer the movement. Other big names in the music industry leading this charge include Lizzo, who went vegan in June of 2020, and longtime plant-based stars like Erykah Badu, who went vegan in 1997 before the diet hit mainstream media.

Other comments read, “Yay!! if you need any brand recommendations, just ask! feel free to dm or just tweet I'll keep an eye out!” An insurgence of support brought 18.2k likes to Cupcakke’s tweet. "Good luck sis! Do whatever feels right for you, your body, and your health!”, “Good luck baby !! take care of your body [and] do exactly what feels right to you." Fellow vegans weighed in, applauding CupcakKe's new journey, saying, “It’s only as hard as you make it! There is a new world of kindness & compassion you’re helping to create!”

We look forward to hearing updates about CupcakKe’s plant-based journey on her Twitter.

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