Plan your Cinco de Mayo menu with these 10 plant-based recipes. From salted-rimmed watermelon margaritas to mini burrito cups made with taco "meat," and everything in between, like our Mexican street corn dusted with vegan cotija cheese, just like the original preparation but completely dairy-free, this roundup is sure to brighten your festivities.

These Mexican-style recipes are created by our in-house recipe developers, Justine and Mitch, also known as Broke Bank Vegan who live in Mexico and know how to make authentic Mexican appetizers, sides, mains, and drinks completely vegan with easy swaps.

Take our mini burrito cups, for example. These adorable starters are filled with all the usuals like rice, beans, guac, and have a special twist: The "meat" is actually seasoned pulled jackfruit which has a meat-like mouth-feel with every bite. This list also features "Baja" tacos made with cauliflower instead of the traditional fish, which have the same look and feel as the real thing and are arguably a little more delicious. You'll just have to find out for yourself.

10 Plant-Based Mexican Recipes for Cinco De Mayo

Add these meat-and-dairy-free recipes to your Cinco de Mayo spread and have the ultimate plant-based fiesta! 


1. Authentic Mexican Vegan Quesabirria Tacos Topped with Dairy-Free Cheese

Take your tortilla to the next level with this authentic Mexican quesabirria taco recipe. The key ingredients in this recipe are oyster mushrooms, dried red chili peppers, Roma tomatoes, and flavorful Mexican spices, all of which help boost immunity.

Recipe: Vegan Birria Tacos Recipe 


2. Vegan Mexican Street Corn

This vegan recipe is made with dairy-and-egg-free mayo and cojita cheese, a block of crumbly Mexican cheese that balances savory flavors with the sweet corn.

Recipe: Vegan Mexican Street Corn 


3. Vegan Mexican Green Spaghetti (Espagueti Verde)

Pasta for Cinco de Mayo? We're here for it. The key to this recipe is the poblano chiles which give this dish that light green color. Poblanos are a popular Mexican chili pepper native to the state of Puebla, Mexico. The peppers are mildly hot which adds a slight kick of heat to the pasta but go ahead and add more chilis if you love spice.

Recipe: Vegan Mexican Green Spaghetti (Espagueti Verde)


4. Vegan Sopes

Sopes are the perfect Mexican appetizer or snack to bring to your party and serve buffet style with toppings like avocado, salsa, herbs, jalapenos, jackfruit, and more. The traditional dish is similar to a puff pastry and consists of a chewy-on-the-inside corn base that's garnished with your favorite toppings and oftentimes includes meat and cheese. For this recipe, we made the dish completely plant-based with the option for jackfruit carnitas, vegan chorizo, and vegan queso fresco.

Recipe: Easy Vegan Sopes Recipe

3-ingredient pops!
Broke Bank Vegan

5. Jamaica Paletas, Mexican-Style Popsicles

Celebrating in warmer weather? Cool off with these jamaica paletas made with dried hibiscus flowers and just two other ingredients. This recipe may be the easiest and most delicious dessert you'll want to make all summer.

Recipe: Jamaica Paletas

attachment-Watermelon Margarita 05

6. The Best and Easiest Watermelon Margaritas (3 Ingredients!)

These three-Ingredient Watermelon Margaritas are naturally sweetened, hydrating, and ultra-refreshing whether you're celebrating in the sun or indoors. Make a pitcher of this margarita and serve your guests or loved ones – don't forget the salted rim and sliced limes!

Recipe: Best Watermelon Margaritas Ever

How to make tortilla chips from scratch.
Broke Bank Vegan

7. Two-Ingredient, Crispy Tortilla Chips

Make crispy, crunchy, perfectly salted tortilla chips from home with this easy two-ingredient recipe. Skip deep-frying and processed oils and use avocado oil for a healthier chip. Complete the platter with fresh salads and homemade guacamole.

Recipe: How to Make Tortilla Chips from Scratch

Here's the easiest way to enjoy vegan burritos
Broke Bank Vegan

8. Mini Vegan Buritto Cups

Is there anything cuter than mini burrito cups? They are easy to make, fun to eat, and great for any occasion. These tiny tortilla bowls make the perfect finger food for parties and backyard barbecues, or for Cinco de Mayo.

Stuffed with refried beans, cilantro-lime rice, jackfruit, and melty vegan cheese, the cups are baked to perfection. Top them off with fresh pico de gallo, guacamole, and dairy-free crema for a flavor-packed recipe.

Recipe: Vegan Mini Burrito Cups Recipe

attachment-Baja Cauliflower Tacos 02

9. Baja Cauliflower Tacos with Homemade Chipotle Mayo

Baja “fish” tacos — but hold the fish! These tacos are made Ensenada-style with plant-based ingredients instead. Freshly made corn tortillas are filled with beer-battered cauliflower, creamy chipotle mayo, fresh pico de gallo, and shredded cabbage. Enjoy these with a watermelon margarita!

Recipe: Baja Cauliflower Tacos with Homemade Chipotle Mayo 


10. Authentic Mexican Mangonada

If you've ever been to Mexico, you've probably noticed locals sipping on bright yellow and red drinks topped with mango, chamoy, and Tajin seasoning called Mangonada, and now you can make them at home.

Mangonadas are made with mangoes, limes, water, sugar, and ice, and topped with cubed mangoes, chamoy, tajin chili powder for the ultimate spicy refreshment. The mixture is similar to a smoothie texture and combines the tastes of sweet, salty, sour, savory, and spicy.

Recipe: Authentic Mexican Mangonada

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