One of winter's simple pleasures is cozying up with your favorite soup, ditching the spoon, and sipping from the side of the bowl when no one is looking. There's no better time to stir the pot than now since record-breaking temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees in the Northeast, and snowfall is expected. With this list, we're prepping you for your best soup moments.

Soups Contain Essential Nutrients and Are Linked to Weight Loss

Soups are as comforting as they are healthy, especially the plant-based soups on this list. Vegetable broth is a rich source of vitamin A which helps to improve eye health and helps to enhance vision. Veggie broth also contains calcium which helps strengthen our bones and protects the body against fractures and injuries.

It's typical that plant-based soup recipes call for veggies on veggies on veggies, making your recipe one heck of a multi-vitamin containing essential vitamins and minerals. Vegetable soups are almost all high in fiber, especially bisque or pure which tend to have a dense veggie base, like sweet potato or cauliflower for texture. A diet high in fiber is linked to weight loss and healthy digestion because the fiber helps slow the digestion process, helping us feel fuller longer and decreasing the risk of constipation.

Soups Are Versatile

The choice is yours when it comes to soup: Any easily blended or soft vegetable can be made into a puree like zucchinis, cauliflower, pumpkin, butternut, mushroom, squash, and many more, as well as most beans and legumes. These vegetables and beans can also be added to the vegetable broth as part of the soup. And, we can't forget everyone's favorite part: Pasta and other grains are also a boost of added texture and flavor, and the kind you want to use depends on your preferences. The choices are endless when it comes to building your own soup so if your picky-eater friend only likes two or three vegetables, get creative.

Plant-Based Soups Are Affordable

Plant-based soups are one of the most affordable foods to eat since a container of veggie broth typically costs under $5 and serves more than 10 people and the choice is yours on how you want to spend and eat based on your veggies, grains, beans, spices, and more. Another bonus is that soups can be stored for long periods of time in the freezer, making them a cost-effective investment.

Our 7 Most Popular Plant-Based Soup Recipes

Chosen based on popularity, these seven plant-based soup recipes offer different flavors and textures so everyone in your family can take their pick.


Enjoy the delicious flavors of the Mediterranean with this Tuscan chickpea soup. Savory Italian spices accompany a fire-roasted tomato broth and creamy chickpeas. Serve your bowl with some crostini and top with vegan parmesan for a hearty lunch or dinner.


This chickpea noodle soup with Brussels sprouts is delicious, made in one pot so there's little cleanup, and only takes 30 minutes to make. Most soups take hours to prep and cook, so if that time to spend in the kitchen, this recipe works better for you. The texture is creamy and chunky, full of bursting fresh flavors from all the different vegetables.


Thai Curry Noodle soup is a comforting yet light recipe to enjoy all year long. Thai dishes are complementary to a plant-based diet because oftentimes tofu is the key ingredient, especially in a meatless Pad Thai. The soy-based protein contains 8 grams of protein per 100 grams to keep you fuller longer.


When you're in the mood to switch up your go-to butternut squash soup or give it a boost of flavor, try this lemongrass and ginger butternut bisque recipe created by famous musician Moby, who is also a longtime vegan and owner of LA's popular vegan restaurant, The Little Pine.


"I absolutely love living in the desert, but the last thing I want when it’s in the triple digits outside is hot soup. That's why I am so thankful for fall and the cooler weather when I can make easy one-pot, no-fuss meals in the Instant Pot. Please don’t be afraid of pressure cooking, it’s the fastest way to get healthy meals on the table." – Chef AJ.


This recipe is perfect for those times you want to eat lasagna but doesn’t want to have to go through the hassle of making a full tray of the pasta dish. Now that the days are chilly, a bowl of hot, hearty soup can go a long way to warm yourself up. This recipe is amazing because you get the best of both worlds: The deliciousness of lasagna and the comfort of steaming soup.


This plant-based tomato bisque is the more sophisticated cousin of the classic tomato soup we all grew up on. Perfectly ripened San Marzano tomatoes come together with flavorful vegetables like celery, onions, and garlic before a cashew cream is added to the mix for richness.

For more lists of recipes, check out 7 simple plant-based recipe ideas for under $1 a serving.

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