Nearly one-quarter of Americans are eating plant-based foods, according to a recent survey, and now a new ranking tells us where it's easiest to do it. You might think LA would lead the pack, but according to a new study by Myprotein, the top ten U.S. cities with the highest number of vegan-friendly options actually contains a few surprises. Including the top spot.

New York City Ranks First for Vegan Food

Ranked number one is New York City, New York, which also happens to be home to The Beet. We feel like we have watched this evolution since in just 18 months the city has seen more vegan and plant-based restaurants opening up at a rapid pace, even since the pandemic began. With a city full of foodies, it is not a surprise that there are 527 Vegan-friendly takeout places in New York, which means that about 40% of all takeout restaurants in the city offer vegan options.

The runner-up state is Atlanta, Georgia with 40 vegan-friendly takeout places, or 36% of all restaurants that have vegan options on their menu. Third is Seattle, Washington with 28 vegan takeout options and 35% of all takeout with vegan fare. Fourth is Chicago, Illinois with 122 vegan takeout places, or 30% of the city's restaurants offering vegan options.

At number five is Portland, Oregon with 21 vegan takeout places and 30% of all takeout spots that have vegan dishes. Boston, Massachusetts is sixth on the list with 35 vegan takeout places and 29% of all takeout spots with vegan options. The seventh is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 41 vegan takeout and 28% of the city's food spots offering vegan options. Eighth is Las Vegas, Nevada with 43 plant-based restaurants and 25% of restaurants cooking vegan-friendly.

Ninth is Los Angeles, California with 77 vegan takeout places making 23% of all food spots friendly for vegans. At number ten is Denver, Colorado with 23 vegan takeout options, or 21% of establishments offering vegan options.

Plant-Based Options Are Becoming Available Nationwide

As more eaters are trying plant-based options, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for vegan-friendly food is skyrocketing. Nationwide chains like McDonald's, Burger King, KFC, and more are rolling out meatless and plant-based options so that it's easier than ever to find plant-forward fare, regardless of your location.

Looking for vegan food in your area? Use our Happy Cow widget to find plant-based fare around the world. 

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