If Jermaine Dupri were to write a song inspired by a vegan breakfast sandwich it would likely be the vegan "Buttermilk biscuit" JUST egg sandwich served up at Gregory's Breakfast place in Atlanta. It is... "Amazing!" As amazing and inspiring as his own musical artistry, which includes producing, writing, and recording hit hip hop and R&B songs that are memorable enough to get him into the Songwriter's Hall of Fame.

Although Gregory's is off the usual beaten path for Dupri, he went out of his way to try it. As The Beet's Creative Advisor, we always want to know what JD is loving next, so we can pass it on to our fans and his. So add this stop to your list when you are near Atlanta, and order the Buttermilk Biscuit JUST Egg Sandwich. 

Here are 5 Great Vegan Restaurants in Atlanta, According to Jermaine Dupri

Dupri has been a devout vegan for over 15 years, and his friends and family are always turning to him for recommendations of where to find the best plant-based fare in his home state of Georgia. Other than his latest breakfast place, Gregory's he has a list of favorites where anyone, vegan or plant-based alike, can find delicious food and enjoy a great experience.

Here are Dupri's top restaurants to grab a bite: "Everyone is always asking me where to find the best vegan food in Atlanta. Here are my 5 favorite spots to enjoy a delicious meal."


1. Green Soma Vegan Café, Hapeville

Plant Yourself: Green Soma Café in Hapeville specializes in Vegan Southern Home Cooking and comfort food like "lobster" mac and "cheese", fried okra, cauliflower wings, and collard greens.

Order for the table: The restaurant is constantly changing its menu so there's always something new to try, but their burgers like the Smokehouse BBQ and Fried Shrimp Bacon Cheeseburger are definitely a customer favorite.

Can't Miss: Shrimp Baskets, which Dupri says he can't sit down for a meal without ordering.

2. Go Vegan Grill, 2179 Lawrenceville Hwy Suite D

Calling All: Breakfast lovers. Go Vegan Grill is the best spot to get an all-vegan breakfast in Atlanta. They serve the first meal of the day until 1 pm, so even late risers can make it in time to get a plate of grits, scrambled "eggs", vegan bacon, and pancakes.

Don't Miss: Their Supreme Chicken Sandwich Platter: A "chicken" patty loaded with cheese, vegan bacon, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and homemade ranch on a bun, and complete with a side of fries.

Take Note: All of Go Vegan Grill's offerings are not only 100% plant-based but also totally free of GMOs, for good taste you can feel good about.

3. Café Sunflower, 2140 Peachtree Rd NW

Calling All: Vegans looking for a date night-worthy spot. Café Sunflower is Dupri's top spot in ATL when he's looking for a delicious dinner out.

Don't Miss: The Fiesta Enchilada or the Sesame Soy Chicken, which are so good that Dupri, who doesn't usually eat soy, makes an exception.

Order for the Table: One of Café Sunflower's desserts, which include chocolate cake, raspberry chocolate mousse, key lime pie, coconut layer cake, chocolate ganache, and carrot cake.

4. Slutty Vegan, Various Locations

Plant Yourself: At one of Slutty Vegan's 3 locations around the Atlanta area, or book their food truck to feed your guests over-the-top plant-based food at your next special occasion.

Don't Miss: The Sloppy Toppy: A plant-based patty loaded with jalepeños, vegan cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, and Slut Sauce on a Hawaiian bun, or get it "light" as Dupri likes it, with just lettuce, ketchup, cheese and Slut Sauce.

Order for the Table: Slutty Vegan's fries, which Dupri has christened "the best fries you can find in all of Atlanta."

5. Plant-Based Pizzeria, 730 Barnett St NE

Plant Yourself: At Plant-Based Pizzeria, Atlanta's first 100% vegan pizza joint, or track down their food truck's location with the help of their IG account.

Don't Miss: Dupri's favorite pie, Georgia Peach, which features roasted basil pizza sauce, vegan mozzarella cheese, spicy Beyond sausage, roasted peaches, red onions, and jalepeños. Be sure to also ask about their vegan dessert menu, which changes daily.

Take Note: For diners who like to avoid soy products, know that Plant-Based Pizzeria doesn't use soy in any of their menu items and only sources the freshest, highest quality ingredients.

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