Beyond Meat and McDonald’s officially announced their partnership on a plant-based burger, and meat-free eaters are taking notice. Together, the two companies have created the “McPlant,” a meat-free McDonald’s style burger that promises to deliver on the iconic McDonald’s flavor, with no meat.

The companies expect to start rolling out the new product in some regional regions beginning in 2021, so you’re going to want to keep your eyes peeled for the list of participating locations, which The Beet will update you with as we get more information.

Beyond Meat Stock Spikes Once Partnership is Announced

This announcement cleared up initial confusion surrounding Beyond Meat’s involvement with McDonald’s new plant-based patty, and investors took notice. McDonald’s initial statement didn’t specify Beyond Meat as the meat alternative supplier, and Beyond Meat’s stocks took a big hit. Once Beyond Meat released a clarifying statement, explaining that “Beyond Meat and McDonald’s co-created the plant-based patty which will be available as part of their McPlant platform,” the company's stocks rose once again. Beyond Meat’s stock price always generates a buzz with investors, whether it's falling or climbing, since it's seen as the bellwether of the plant-based marketplace. According to this expert, each time the brand announces a new partnership, a rollercoaster ride can be expected and this latest confusion was just the latest example, with the stock first falling and then rising on the news.

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown addressed the company’s partnership with McDonald’s. In his statement, Brown pointed to Burger King’s Impossible Whopper’s success–Beyond Meat’s and McDonald’s largest competitors–and Beyond Meat’s successful partnerships with Pizza Hut, KFC, and Starbucks. Brown explains what the partnership with McDonald’s will mean for both brands, saying, “I think given the consumer resonance with our brand and just the momentum we have with consumers, the brand that we’ve established, we think [Beyond Meat] deserves to be up there on the menu and nearly all of our QSR (quick-service restaurant) partners have done that and benefited as a result.”

If you’re someone who follows the stock market, a plant-based burger lover or just a fan of McDonald’s, Beyond Meat and McDonald’s new partnership will probably leave you saying, “I’m loving it.”

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