Holiday Recipes

The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu Your Whole Family Will Love
Eating plant-based or vegan during the holidays can make you feel like you’re missing out on some of the sweetest moments and not in the mood for celebration. We enlisted vegan chef JD Raymundo of The Little Almond, who knows a thing or two about preparing delicious plant-based food that appeals to non-vegans and vegans alike.
The Great Vegan Turkey Taste-Test: Which Roast Should You Bring to Dinner?
We at The Beet love to taste test the latest non-dairy, meat alternatives, and this test was a surprisingly fun one. When the two best roasts were cooked and ready for tasting we came back for seconds and thirds. Cooking no fewer than five roasts in one crowded kitchen on a chilly Tuesday afternoon, and serving them to hungry editors who had nothing for breakfast or lunch left us more than impressed.
The Most Decorative Holiday Centerpiece is Vegan and Edible
RECIPE OF THE DAY:  TUESDAY, DECEMBER 17, 2019 FROM: @gingervegan WHY WE LOVE IT: The holidays are right around the corner and this dish will satisfy the vegan company and non-vegan company because it still looks beautiful as a centerpiece and even better when you cut it in half. It's a health...
The Best Non-Dairy Cheeses to Serve Your Guests Over the Holidays
Our new favorite vegan cheeses come from Riverdel and are sure to wow even the pickiest cheese lovers in your life. Stock up on craft cheeses made from cashew milk, almond milk, and coconut cream, since these make the most realistic tasting spreadable cheeses that are akin to brie, camembert and goats' milk cheeses anyone could ask for—all without a trace of animal products.