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The Best Vegan Thanksgiving Roasts: Your Ultimate Taste Test
There's a good chance you’ll be serving one or more vegan or vegetarian family members this Thanksgiving. Or, maybe you’ve decided to go plant-based for your health. Whatever your reasons may be for needing a vegan turkey option, you're probably searching for the best turkey alternative that can serve as a vegan main dish for your holiday meal. With more plant-based turkey o...
The Great Vegan Turkey Taste-Test: Which Roast Should You Bring to Dinner?
We at The Beet love to taste test the latest non-dairy, meat alternatives, and this test was a surprisingly fun one. When the two best roasts were cooked and ready for tasting we came back for seconds and thirds. Cooking no fewer than five roasts in one crowded kitchen on a chilly Tuesday afternoon, and serving them to hungry editors who had nothing for breakfast or lunch left us more than impressed.
Happy National Ice Cream Day! Your Guide to the Best Dairy-Free Flavors
It’s not every day that you find the perfect excuse to enjoy ice cream. But today, July 19th, is National Ice Cream Day, a holiday just about everyone can get behind. Your biggest quandary: Waffle or sugar cone? Sprinkles or soft serve? Here's your guide to the best vegan or plant-based, dairy-free iced creams, including which ones are tastiest, healthier for you, and which ones give back... Read
The 6 Best Protein-Loaded Dairy-Free Shakes
When you skipped lunch to get to boot-camp class and now have to race back to the office without eating, it's good to have a couple of options for refueling on the go. So we taste-tested the best plant-based shakes, each one with about 15 grams or more of plant-based protein and fewer carbs, sugars and artificial flavorings. Of co...
The 7 Best Store-Bought Vegan Burgers That Are Better Than Meat
While meat-imposter patties like the Beyond and Impossible Burgers have sure had a moment, many people don’t want a meat-like patty. It tastes too much like... meat! Especially for someone who has chosen to eliminate meat—or never had it—eating faux meat that “bleeds” can be a taste-bud turnoff. For the plant-based eater who doesn't want to eat near meat or meat-like burgers, there are great alternatives: We tried a few of the many popular bean, grain, and veggie-based vegan burger patties to choose from and found our five faves.
8 Vegan Protein Bars to Help You Power Through the Day with Energy
Vegan protein bars have long been giving their animal product-containing equivalents a run for their money when it comes to flavor, convenience, and nutrition. But not all vegan protein bars are created equal when it comes to ingredients, texture, taste, and suitability to individual plant-based eating regimens or lifestyles—for example, a long-distance runner might be looking for a protein bar th

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