Want to eat an entire bag of goldfish or a sleeve of Oreos, and show off your tat that says, "no ragrets!" It's easy when you learn how to make healthier, plant-based versions of classic American snacks. Here are 8 favorite store-bought snacks, reimagined and reinvented for a healthier indulgence. Each of these are made with preservative-free, plant-based recipes.

We took all your favorites, like Oreos, Nutter Butters, potato chips, tortilla chips, and fruit snacks, and made them all vegan, and free from all the bad stuff that makes long shelf life possible. Take our Oreo cookies recipe, for example, it may just be the healthiest alternative to the sugar-filled treat. Our healthier-for-you recipe is free from oil, dairy, and refined sugar, and contains half the amount of fat in the store-bought kind. How's that for (plant-based) milk's favorite cookie?

You'll find that our crunchy Cheetos are made with nutritional yeast and turmeric for the ultimate, healthier cheesy taste and that our tortilla chips are made with two ingredients and baked instead of fried. Dip these tortilla chips into your guacamole all summer long and feel better about making healthier food choices.  Discover the rest of these go-to snack recipes, and make them for yourself, your family, and your friends for a healthier, nostalgic treat.

Make these vegan baked potato chips in honor of National Potato Chip Day (3/14)
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1. Best Healthy Potato Chip Recipe: Baked, With Just 3 Ingredients

Turn your cravings for salty chips into a better-for-you snack that has none of the unhealthy fats and all of the taste. Once you get started, it's hard to stop snacking on these chips. You will love the rustic flavor, crispy texture, and wholesome ingredient list.

Recipe: Potato Chips

How to make tortilla chips from scratch.
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2. Healthy Crispy Tortilla Chips with Just 2 Ingredients

Make crispy, crunchy, perfectly salted tortilla chips from home with this easy two-ingredient recipe. Skip deep-frying and processed oils and use avocado oil for a healthier chip.

Recipe: Crispy Tortilla Chips

How to make healthier for you fruit snacks.
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3. Three Ingredient All-Natural Fruit Snacks in Under 5 Minutes

Make these gummies without all the usual added sugar, gelatin, preservatives, and artificial colors of the store-bought ones. With just 3 ingredients and ready in 5 minutes, you'll want to pop them like... candy.

Recipe: 3 Ingredient All-Natural Fruit Snacks

attachment-Nutter Butter Bites 04

4. Healthier-For-You Nutter Butter Cookies, Vegan and Gluten-Free

These Nutter Butter peanut butter sandwich cookies are made with a base of oat flour and naturally sweetened with maple syrup.

Recipe: Nutter Butter Cookies Made Vegan and Gluten-Free

attachment-Homemade Goldfish 02

5. Healthier Homemade Dairy-Free Goldfish Crackers

Everyone’s favorite snack that smiles back ... made plant-based and from the comfort of your own home. Try these cheesy, savory, healthy goldfish crackers that are ready in 30 minutes or less.

Recipe: Dairy-Free Goldfish

Healthier Cheetos with More than 7g of Plant Protein a Serving

6. Healthier Cheetos With 7 Grams of Plant-Based Protein Per Serving

These homemade Cheetos are low in oil, are preservative-free, and contain zero artificial flavors. While the final result differs slightly from traditional Cheetos, it might be even better! This baked version is cheesy, savory, and mouthwateringly good.

Recipe: Healthier Cheetos

attachment-Cheez-Its 03

7. Dairy-Free, Healthier Cheez-Its

These Cheez-Its are made with all-natural ingredients and get their orange color from turmeric, a superfood spice that helps boost immunity.

Recipe: Dairy-Free, Healthier Cheez-Its

attachment-Oreos 05

8. Low-Calorie Oreo Cookies, Vegan and Gluten-Free

Make healthier Oreo cookies at home with this quick and easy recipe that preserves all the great flavors of store-bought Oreos using only natural plant-based ingredients.

Recipe: Oreo Cookies

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