Thanksgiving is the time of year when most Americans hit the road, which means we will collectively be on a hunt for food during our travels. If you're trying to eat a plant-based diet or are totally vegan, this can mean two things: You bring your own snacks, or you have the Happy Cow app on your phone.

Here at The Beet, we want to provide you with all the tools you need to eat a whole-food plant-based diet, so we teamed up with Happy Cow to offer it right within The Beet site, under "Find Vegan Near Me." We also review and write our own Beet City Guides to eating the best plant-based foods in every city in the country. Okay so we've only started our reviews but so far we've covered Los Angeles, Manhattan, Brooklyn, AustinPhiladelphia and Boston and are about to launch more every week. If you have a city you want to cover, or if we have left out your favorite place, please write to add it to the lineup we have now. Just last week, Lekka opened in Tribeca and we added it to the lineup. Next up: I'm adding BlossomNix and a few others that are crowd-pleasers in New York City where I live.

Until we cover the entire universe, Happy Cow has reviewing and cataloging vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants for years and has amassed more than 20,000 places to either eat or shop for healthy plant-based food in your neck of the woods. If you want to find out where to buy a vegan turkey in say, Council Bluffs Iowa, The Beet x Happy Cow will tell you that the best bet is the Green Acres Natural Foods market, but call ahead since the entire Democratic field of candidates has been crisscrossing the state for weeks now, and at least Cory Booker is vegan.

Point is that finding vegan near you can sometimes be anxiety-provoking, and we want to make it so much easier here at The Beet. Let us know what else we can do to make your plant-based lifestyle even easier, more doable, a little less overwhelming. And while you're home try to get your family members to eat more plant-based foods. When you introduce them to things like Gardein faux turkey Holiday Roast, the winner of our taste test (see the Product Reviews section of the site) they can't help but think it's pretty darned tasty.

Got a place you want us to review and add to our Beet City Guides? Know someone in Chicago who could write up the 10 Best Places to Eat Vegan in that city? Please email us at We are building this site and content for you, so let us know what would be the most helpful thing you need next. Meanwhile check out your state, town and local listings at Happy Cow, right here on The Beet, under Find Vegan Near Me. Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels all. We hope you have a wonderful, family and love-filled time, and don't have to tell people where you get your protein too many times.


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