Super Bowl Sunday often means wings galore, cheese on everything, and enjoying so many beers that you lose count. It can be hard to not aimlessly pick at platters while immersed in a good football game, and new research from Pickswise revealed the average American consumes up to 8,083 calories watching the Super Bowl.

The study asked 1,000 US adults what's on their menu for the big game and the answers were filled with not-so-good-for-you foods. The replies revealed that the average person might consume around 8,000 calories, drinking beer and eating chicken wings, pizza, sweets, and more.

Super Bowl Watchers Indulge in Unhealthy Snacks for the Game

Chips were the most popular snack of choice, with the average person eating around three portions, equivalent to about 500 calories. Football Sunday is incomplete for some without a pizza delivery: People on average eat 2.6 slices, which is about 741 calories. The unhealthiest football Sunday menu item—loaded nachos—which on average people eat two servings of, is equivalent to 1,434 calories.

We're sorry to say, but all those beers and sodas add up: The data revealed the average person consumed around three cans of beer, adding up to 447 calories, and three cans of soda, around 405 calories. Unsurprisingly, the least popular alcoholic beverage was wine, with the average person drinking 2 glasses.

Avoid falling into this trap by making a healthier, plant-based version of your favorite Super Bowl eats.


Make Tom Brady's Guacamole recipe with crudites or sweet potato, instead of premade dip and chips.


Make these Dairy-Free Cheesy Nachos, instead of loaded nachos.


Make this Three-Bean Chili, instead of regular chili.


Make Cauliflower Wings, instead of chicken wings.


Make this BBQ Chickpea Pizza, instead of ordering in pizza.


Make Sweet Potato Brownies, instead of buying store-bought sweets.

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