Aly Raisman was the talk of the Summer, 2012 as she dominated the London Olympics and pulled off a floor exercise that some considered impossible. Now, almost 8 years later, the two-time Olympian continues to win our hearts as an advocate for sexual abuse victims and plant-based role model. Women's Health recently caught up with Raisman to see how her diet and life have changed since retiring from gymnastics.

Raisman is taking on the post-Olympic life with the help of her plants, by caring for 85 various flowers, vegetables and succulents which has only strengthened her love for her plant-based diet. Raisman told Women's Health, "It brings me a lot of happiness and allows me to practice gratitude for where my food is coming from."

Though, Raisman is not intensely training anymore her diet is still methodical. "I always eat for a purpose and I’m always thinking in terms of what’s going to keep me energized," said Raisman to Women's Health.

To start the day off

For most of us, coffee is the first thing we grab in the morning but for Raisman she fuels her mornings with a celery juice. But she's human, so to follow, she has a glass of iced coffee with Silk soymilk or a cup of hot water with lemon. Raisman told Women's Health, "Even just getting in a little extra protein in my coffee makes a difference for me," when explaining her choice of soymilk.

Breakfast essentials

Bagels with seeds or nuts are essential for Raisman to ensure she's getting protein. When she's in the mood for a loaded vegetable breakfast, she'll cut up avocado and add it to her favorite cauliflower fried rice.

Homemade soup for lunch

Healthy and filling lunches for Raisman are making soups from scratch starting with vegetable broth. She takes a simple ingredient like the broth and elevates it into a Broccoli and Spirulina soup. Another favorite for Raisman is homemade guacamole. Even Olympic champions love to whip up the Mexican classic.

We couldn't find the exact soup recipe Raisman uses but this is The Beet's favorite Broccoli Soup by Gemma Davis, the Chef behind our Clean Eating Diet Plan. 

It's snack time

On the days Raisman is craving a snack, she'll whip up a smoothie. Don't doubt the power of a smoothie for a snack-- Raisman recommends throwing anything healthy you have lying around in your fridge to add. "I focus on the food that makes me feel good," she told Women's Health.

If you want to make an Aly Raisman original smoothie, just mix together berries, ashwagandha powder, hemp hearts, soy milk and chia seeds.

Bring on the veggies for dinner

Later in the day, Raisman likes to eat meals with a heavy focus on fiber. Her dinners consist of mostly vegetables but she sometimes will have fish. Raisman told Women's Health, “My plate is usually heavily veggies,"

When her plate isn't veggies galore, Raisman will pre-heat the oven and roast potatoes and pair it with an assortment of greens. She isn't shy about trying new plant-based foods and her most recent adventure was tempeh (which she loved).

Ending the day with something sweet

Raisman caved into the banana bread-making trend and is currently indulging with this baked good. When she's craving a frozen treat she makes 'nice cream' out of bananas. She told Women's Health, "I love frozen bananas with dairy-free chocolate chips and a little soy milk to make it creamy," Raisman says. "Put it in a blender and it's so good."

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