Break a Sweat in 6-Minutes With This Total-Body Workout

|Updated Apr 19, 2021

If you don't have much time in your day to exercise, this workout is the one for you: Break a sweat in just six minutes, feel stronger performing a variety of total-body strengthening moves, and in just minutes you're one step closer to achieving your firm-body goals. So when you have a six-minute break from work or homeschooling–or both–break out these moves and have fun while you get toned. The best part? All you need is some floor space where you can stretch out and workout, with zero equipment required. So just get going!

The Beet's plant-based fitness guru, Caroline Deisler, designed these workouts exclusively for you to build lean muscle and burn calories all in one workout. Each move uses multiple muscle groups; by activating your core, legs, arms, and back, you'll burn more calories in less time: During your jumping jacks, tighten your core to get those flatter faster, and when you hold a plank, it will target your core as well as your shoulders, neck, legs, butt and especially your hamstrings. It's always important to strengthen the supporting muscles as well as the larger groups, so don't be surprised if you feel the burn in places you didn't know were weak. That's a good thing since it shows you're getting stronger, all over. Start your 6-minute video now.

After this effective all-over workout, keep it up by trying Caroline's other videos, exclusively made for The Beet. Find which one works best for you, then rotate through the set. You'll feel stronger, tighter, sleeker, and more toned in no time.

The First Move: Jumping Jacks. Do the classic calisthenic move (Jack LaLane made famous), jumping jacks. Start with your feet together and arms by your side, then spring up into the air, bending your knees slightly, and land with legs should width apart. As you jump, stretch your arms over your head in a controlled fashion–no flailing around –and clap at the top. Then, quickly jump back to the starting position and repeat for one minute. Jumping jacks are a great form of cardio since they get your heart rate up and warm you up for the next moves.

The Second Move: Modified Burpees. Start by standing on your mat or rug and bend knees to squat low then jump straight up toward the ceiling, making sure your heels land as well as your toes, to ground yourself as you come down. Bring hands to the floor and once balanced, kick legs back into a plank position. Then, leap feet back toward your hands using the core to help, and come up to standing. This looks like a burpee without the push-up and should be performed as fast a pace as you can without losing control or balance.

The Third Move: Mountain Climbers. Staring out in a plank position, hands aligned with shoulders, alternate "climbing" on the floor by bringing one knee to chest (don't touch toe down to the floor) and then kick it back out behind you again and alternate sides, moving as fast as you can. Move at a fast pace, and don't pause between legs as you bring each knee forward. This move will look like you are running against the floor but with your hands in a "start block" position. Mountain climbers raise your heart rate while incinerating calories fast.

The Fourth Move: One Minute Plank. Planks are extremely healthy for your core, but they also qualify as a total-body toning move, since by holding steady for 1 minute or more, you engage your entire back, from heels to hamstring, up your body to shoulders and neck. Place your forearms on the mat with elbows aligned below shoulders and your arms parallel to your body, your toes will be the only other part of your body holding you up. Make sure your butt is in line with your legs and back, not raised in the air, and your core is tight. At first, one minute feels like ten, so occupy your mind with positive thoughts. Such as "Planks help me get closer to my goal." It's true.

The Fifth Move: Straight Leg Back. In a high plank position, meaning on your hands, not elbows, raise one leg and bending knee, reach it towards your chest, then immediately kick it back out behind you and raise it up into the air. Do this repeatedly on each leg for thirty seconds, before you switch sides (to work the muscles until fatigue) for a total of one minute. This total body exercise is extremely effective in toning and strengthening your glutes and hamstrings.

The Sixth Move: High Knees. Standing on your mat or rug, alternate jogging in place, but over-exaggerate it by raising one knee all the way up and into your chest, but without pausing at the top, since you'll burn more calorie if you do it in a fast but controlled motion. You will be running in place and raising your heart rate. This is an easy move to perform after an effective workout that will give you an extra feel-good sweat. Then use it to cool down by slowing down slightly before your stretch and breathe. Nice job!