Your Best 5-Minute Toned Arm Workout with Fitness Instructor Caroline Deisler

|Updated Apr 19, 2021

Your fitness guru Caroline Deisler takes you through a tough but fast 5-minute workout of super-effective moves for strong, toned arms. You'll work your biceps, triceps, chest, and shoulders, so you can wear a T-shirt and channel Linda Hamilton in Terminator. You got this

Caroline knows how to make exercising enjoyable and efficient with her 5-minute videos that feature a variety of tone-up movements to build strong, toned arms that look amazing from every angle. All you need is some space to perform each movement since no weights or dumbells are required. Each exercise is fairly easy, but do one of these 5 Minute Workouts a day to have a big impact on your physique. You'll notice a difference in your arm definition, posture, and shoulders and upper back by performing these two to three times a week. Press play and turn up the volume, because Caroline has tunes that will motivate you to get moving.

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Strong and Toned Arms Not Only Look Good, But They're Important For Overall Health

Building a strong upper body is essential for heart health, metabolism, quality of life (to lift that bag into the overhead when you actually do get on a plane again), injury-prevention, and athletic performance. When your chest and shoulders are strong, the body moves faster and holds your back in the upright position, helping you to avoid any injuries with your spine, neck, and posture.

It's no secret that strong triceps look great in summer apparel, the muscle is important for your everyday movements like lifting yourself up and out of a chair. If you're a runner, it's especially important to have strong triceps for momentum and endurance while you run.

Strong muscles will help you burn more calories and fat from the body, even when you're at rest or skip a day of exercising. You can achieve your weight loss goals by practicing these movements.

Here are your best five-minute moves:

The first move: Modified Push-Ups. On your mat or a flat surface, get your body into a plant position. From there put your knees on your floor so your toes are touching and your hands are shoulder-width apart on the floor. From there, perform a push-up by bending your arms and lowering your body then lifting up by straightening your arms. Perform this movement for a total of one minute.

The second move: Tricep Dips. On the floor or your mat, flip your body around so your stomach faces upwards. Plant your hands and feet on the ground while your body is in the air. Some people call this backward tabletop or crab position. From here, bend your triceps so your body lowers to the ground and push up. You will feel the burn in the tricep of the back of the arm muscle. Perform this movement for a total of one minute.

The third move: Side Push-Ups. Get back into the modified push-up position with your knees touching the floor. From there lower one hand down so it's in alignment with your shoulder. The other hand and arm will be passed your shoulder. From there, bend at the elbow and lower your body for a side push up. Do this movement for thirty seconds then switch sides. You will complete this movement in a total of one minute.

The fourth move: Push-Ups with Side Arm Stretch. In the same modified push-up pose, bend downwards and lift up like a normal push-up. Then, after one push-up you will turn your body to one side and reach towards the sky with your arm. Alternate sides so you will complete this workout for a total of one minute.

The fifth move: Straight Arm Circles. Standing, sitting, or on your knees stretch your arms out to the side so you are in an airplane position. From there move your arms in miniature forward circles for thirty seconds. After the time is up, switch directions and move your arms in backward circles. Complete this movement for a total of one minute.