If you want to burn fat fast on your normal plant-based diet, the secret is to perform HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) exercises Bursts of repeated dynamic movements with a short recovery period. Your body burns more calories at a faster rate doing these short bursts of intense exertion than it does doing steady-state cardio workouts like walking, jogging, or swimming, in a process is called hyperdrive. This means you burn fat long after you stop, for about 24 hours after the workout. It's actually true that you can burn calories just sitting at your desk while you work from home after completing a HITT workout.

You Can Burn Fat Faster With The Beet's 5 Minute Exercise Video

The Beet asked vegan fitness expert Caroline Deisler to show you how to quickly tone up with a fast exercise routine that you can practice from anywhere with no equipment. This workout is only 5 minutes long and goes by quickly because you're constantly moving. If you want to double up on moves for the day, try Caroline's other workouts that she designed specifically for you: Best 5-Minute Ab Moves, Best 5-Minute Butt Moves, and Best 5 Minute Lean Legs Exercises.

Eating a plant-based diet is 80% of the work, but you need to keep your body moving

Many nutritionists say that diet is 80% of weight loss, and if you are already a plant-based eater it could be more than that. However, the remaining 20% requires you to add physical movement into your daily routine. The easiest way to achieve that is a HIIT workout that helps you achieve results like improved muscle tone, fat burning, strength and endurance.

The best thing about HIIT exercises is that they go by fast, so you're not holding a plank for a minute wondering when the time is up. You're constantly moving your body in repeated motions. Unlike a leg, arm, or ab workout where you might not feel out of breath, you will be sweating success during these movements while toning your muscles. Watch the video below and follow each movement for one minute long.

Here are your best five-minute moves:

The first move: Jumping Jacks. Standing on your mat or the ground, raise your hands in the air and spread your feet so your body is in a star position. From there, clap your hands together and spread your legs out further so you complete one jumping jack and repeat several times or for one minute. Jumping jacks are an excellent way to get your blood flowing and heart rate up to burn fat and rev your metabolism.

The second move: Floor Touch. Standing in the middle of the mat, move your legs to one side of the mat and reach down to touch the floor. Move your legs to the opposite side of the mat and touch the floor. Repeat this movement for one minute. This exercise is a good way to build your heart rate and strengthen your hamstrings muscles.

The third move: High Knees. Standing on your mat, lift your knees to your chest one by one, and alternate each leg. This movement is fast and your knees should touch your chest. You will be tired and feel out of breath after this movement. It's also a good stretch for your hips.

The third move: Mountain Climbers. On your mat or the floor, get into a plank position so your feet and hands are on the floor. Starting with one leg, touch your knee to your elbow and alternative legs quickly. This movement will strengthen your core and speed up your heart rate.

The fourth move: Modified Burpees with Squat. On your mat, walk your hands out to the top of your mat so you're in a high plank. Jump your feet to your hands and walk your legs back. Then, stand up and lower into a chair pose and squat down. This modified burpee series is a full-body workout that targets your triceps, hamstring, calves, and core muscles. Repeat this movement for one minute.

The five move: Side Squats. Standing on your mat, swing one leg to the side so you're almost in a warrior pose but facing forward. Then, extend your leg downward so you perform a side squat. Repeat this movement on one leg for thirty minutes and switch to the other leg for thirty minutes. Do this movement for a total of one minute.

After the workout, make time to stretch. It's extremely important to stretch after these exercises because your entire body was active and you will feel the healthy burn the day after. Practice general yoga poses like downward dog, child's pose, warriors, and pigeon stretch.

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