These simple but effective movements require very little space, zero equipment, and are guaranteed to help you build a strong core and toned stomach.

In just under five minutes Caroline takes us through 5 moves with a helpful step-by-step video, performing each move slowly and with excellent form so you can follow along at home. These exercises can be done anywhere: your living room, lawn, or the beach. Pick your spot and press play. Stay tuned because Caroline will be sending her weekly video from London every Monday. Do these moves every other day or at least twice a week for best results.

Ab exercises are important for overall health. During these times of sitting at a desk and working, your back needs support and your abs provide it. If you feel yourself slouching at your computer, have to constantly massage your lower back pains, these are all signs of poor posture, which could lead to chronic back problems. The best way to fight that is with stronger abs. The more you do these ab exercises, the stronger your core will become, and the easier it is to sit and stand up straight, protecting your back and staying healthy and lean.

These moves target specific areas of the abdominals: Upper abdominals, lower and also hip flexors which help you with mobility and stay injury-free.  At the end of this five-minute workout, you will feel accomplished and sore, and if you do these three days a week, you will get stronger and look leaner in just a few weeks.

How to Do the 5 Minute Moves:

The first move is a Crunch With Knees Up. Put your hands behind your head and curl up slowly starting with your head and shoulders until your core is fully engaged. Keep your lower back touching the matt, as you lift your knees up into tabletop position This exercise targets your rectus abdominal muscle, which is the midsection of your body. Perform this exercise for one minute.

The second move is a Roll-up With Extended Legs. Place your hands under your lower back to support this area and press your back down onto your hands. Then lift your legs into the air and make sure your legs are fully extended up towards the ceiling or sky. This exercise targets the lower abdominal muscles, which are essential for balance and strengthening your hips. Perform this exercise for one minute.
The third move is the Slow Bicycle Crunch. Place your hands on the back of your head, pull one knee into your chest while the other knee stays straight and parallel to the floor but not touching it. Crunch upwards, and touch your elbow to your opposite knee, alternating the movement slowly and in control. Make sure your extended leg never touches the floor. Bicycle crunches target the obliques (the side ab muscles), right below your "love handles" (which of course you won't have for long doing these moves). Perform this exercise for one minute.
The fourth move is a Leg Raise With Scissors. Place your hands under your lower back for support and press your back down against your hands. Lift your legs two inches off the floor, hold for a second, then do tiny scissor kicks upwards, alternating legs, then after doing this to both sides, lift legs together into the air together and raise your pelvis off the floor a few inches pointing your toes to the sky. Then repeat. This exercise targets the lower abs, which help balance and strengthen your hips. Perform this exercise for one minute.

The fifth movement is a V Crunch With Leg Raise. Place your hands behind your head, straighten your legs, and raise them into the air at an angle and crunch up at the same time. Your body will make a letter V shape. This exercise targets the lower, midsection, and upper abs, so you will feel a full-body burn at the end of this movement. Perform this exercise for one minute.
 After the ab workout, stretch your muscles to cool down and prevent tightening or soreness. Perform a child pose, downward dog, upward dog, and roll out your back with a tennis ball or foam roller.
Let us know how you enjoyed this week's five-minute ab workout in the comments below. Stay tuned for another five-minute workout from Caroline Delsier targeting different muscles each and every week.

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