Your 7 Best Total Body Moves With Fitness Instructor Caroline Deisler

|Updated Apr 21, 2021

No muscle gets left behind with this total body workout. The difference between training one muscle group versus every muscle at once is that the entire body gets engaged, so it feels like cardio and means that you can achieve your weight loss goals and build stamina that much faster. This is key for other activities like playing tennis or taking walks or bike rides. The Beet's fitness guru, Caroline Deisler, performs a quick total body workout in just 5 minutes on this video, made exclusively for you. Follow along to burn calories and build muscle for a total body tone-up.

During this intense workout, your heart rate may go up, which helps you burn more calories, build stamina, and boost your metabolism. After this workout, you'll feel accomplished and a healthy burn in your muscles – signaling that you just had an effective workout. Then, stretch out with Caroline's five-minute stretching series.

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Your 7 Best Total Body Toning Moves For a Total Body Workout

First Move: Jumping Jacks: Standing on your mat or floor, perform jumping jacks for one minute. Make sure your back is straight so your spine is aligned (don't arch your back). Use this movement to stretch your arms by reaching further upwards at every leap.

Second Move: High Knees: Standing on your mat or the floor, reach one knee upwards and alternate legs at a fast pace. Keep your heart rate up by doing this movement as fast as you can without losing form -- no flopping around --to burn more calories.

Third Move: Sumo Squats: Standing on your mat or the floor, spread your legs out wider than a normal squat and lower your body into what's called sumo squat. Your toes should point slightly outwards and your hands should come together in a prayer position. Bend down into a deep squat all the way so your but nearly touches your heels and repeat. Perform this movement for one minute.

Fourth Move: Jump Sumo Squats: Starting in the same sumo squat position when you come up to standing, spring into the air, and do a controlled jump. After you squat down again in one smooth motion, jump upwards, launching off by rolling foward from your heel to toe. Be sure to get low to the ground each time for a better stretch in your hips.

Five Move: Plank/Jump Forward and Back: On your mat start in a plank position, jump your feet forward to meet your hands, and then jump your feet back again to the plank position and repeat. This looks like a modified burpee without the push-up or jumps into the air. Perform this movement for a total of one minute as smoothly as possible -- don't arch your back or let your hips point upwards into the air. Keep a fast pace to boost your heart rate.

Sixth Move: Leg Kicks: In a downward dog position, kick one leg into the air and then lower it down again, and repeat, alternating legs. Your toes should point toward the sky and your knee should bend forward toward your chest as you lower your leg.

Seventh Move: Push-Ups: You can start by doing these on your knees, or as a regular push up. Either way, do ten at your own pace. Make sure your form is on point (straight back, navel pulled into toward your spine) and keep the neck straight--not facing up or down. Your gaze should be below you and slightly in front

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