Start today with a breakfast of nutty granola, which is low in sugar and high in fiber, to help you stay fuller longer. Lunch is Southwestern lettuce wraps with Beyond Meat crumbles and crispy vegetables wrapped in fresh bib lettuce, a lighter and healthier way to enjoy a traditional taco. Dinner is a vegan Fake-acchini alfredo pasta, another healthy spin on a classic creamy dish. Then treat yourself to chocolate-covered, sea salt-coated macadamia nuts for a high-fiber dessert. Macadamia nuts are a nutritious source of vitamin A, an essential vitamin for eye health, and iron, an essential mineral that helps boost energy.

The Vegan Keto Diet Meal Plan: Day 19

Your vegan keto recipes for day 19: Nutty granola for breakfast, Southwestern Lettuce Cups for lunch, Fake-achini Alfredo for dinner and Chocolate Sea Salt Macadamia Nuts for dessert.

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