Welcome to the smarter way to go keto and lose weight on a plant-based diet. You signed up for The Vegan Keto Diet Plan because you want to shed unwanted pounds, but do it the healthier way than traditional keto diets loaded with sat fat meat and dairy. On this healthier keto plan, you are about to embark on 21 days of delicious plant-based meals, snacks, and desserts (like chocolate pudding made with avocado!). And you will lose weight!

This plan was created for you by a plant-based nutritionist, Lisa Danielson (@veggie_lisa), author of Keto for Vegetarians: Lose Weight and Improve Health on a Plant-Based Ketogenic Diet. She created vegan recipes just for this meal plan based on her experience with clients who want to skip the bad stuff (like meat and dairy) and still lose weight on a keto diet. Danielson understands the need to help clients achieve dual goals: Weight loss and long-term health. If those are your goals too, you've come to the right place.

Now you don't have to choose between being healthy and reaching your goals.

On this plan, with its easy-to-follow three-week meal plan, you will lose weight by reducing your carbs and filling up on healthy plant-based foods that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants, and heart-healthy fats. You'll enjoy creative ways to make filling meals out of vegetables that are high in fiber and low in carbs like zucchini, and get your protein and fats from healthy sources such as avocado, nuts, legumes, and seeds like chia and flax seeds.

This plan gives you 41 delicious recipes that are made from plant-based foods that are simple, filling, and easy to prepare. You won't feel as if you're depriving yourself or missing out on your favorite foods but you will lose weight and especially body fat since keto diets help you burn off fat while keeping all your healthy muscle tone. Can't wait to get started? Here is everything you need!

Here is everything you need to get started!

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The Vegan Keto Diet Plan FAQs, by Lisa Danielson, Plant-Based Nutritionist

Who should do this plan? Anyone who has ever tried a keto diet and thought it was not a healthy approach to trying to lose weight. If you want to eat healthy plant-based meals and lose unwanted pounds, this is the diet for you.

Who created this plan: Lisa Danielson (@VeggieLisa) who is a plant-based nutritionist and keto expert, create the recipes and tips that make up this diet plan. Danielson created this 21-day plan, with 41 plant-based, keto-friendly delicious recipes. This modified keto diet is healthier, than traditional keto, offers more nutrient-dense foods every day, and adheres to a plant-based approach. So you'll lose weight and eat healthy for the next three weeks.

How many carbs can I eat? This diet allows10 percent of your daily intake to be carbs, which translates into 35 to 40 grams of carbs a day. You'll eat about 70 percent of your calories from healthy plant-based fats (nuts, seeds, avocado, and coconut oil, etc), and about 20 percent of your calories from plant-based protein such as legumes and chia seeds, and all nature of healthy vegetables. The goal is to burn fat for fuel, instead of carbs, to lose weight.

Do I need to count calories? "Some people will get stuck on these numbers," says Danielson, "but if you're eating mostly vegetables and plant-based foods, you're going to lose weight. A keto diet is more about the percentages and burning fat as fuel than it is about calories. So while some keto diets are very restrictive, on this plan you lose weight while eating about 1,500 calories a day. For some people, that's actually more than they are used to eating." The point is to burn more fat than carbs for fuel and you'll lose weight quickly, safely, and the healthy way.

Why do a vegan keto diet to lose weight? It's healthier than traditional keto diets!

Why is vegan keto better than traditional meat-based keto? Right now, even as we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel after a year of living through a pandemic, it’s more important than ever to eat healthily and not cut out antioxidant-rich plant-based foods like vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seed. That means eating a diet rich in whole plant-based foods will help you build a strong immune system and help nourish your healthy body to be active and energized, and fight off any potential viruses that may be floating around.

When should I start The Vegan Keto Plant-Based Diet? You can start today! Or tomorrow if you prefer. The shopping list above will let you know everything you need to get going. The 3 weeks of email newsletters and the diet plan both start whenever you do.

What happens when I'm done with the three weeks? This plan is so easy to follow, You will learn how easy it is to eat a healthy, plant-based diet. Hopefully, then you can add back in a few more carbs and still maintain a healthy approach to eating plant-based that is sustainable for the long-term, so you can always prioritize your health as you maintain your strong, fit, lighter, leaner new look after 3 weeks of eating this way.

Editor's Note: The Beet espouses a plant-based approach to your health and nutrition needs, and we recognize that keto diets are popular, so we wanted to give you a way to make keto dieting healthier by offering a plant-based plan. Before you start this or any diet, check with your doctor to make sure the approach is right for you. We want to hear from you about how it's going. Join the FB page and post there with your tips, challenges, and updates. Share your pictures of your meals if you love how they turned out!

Here's to your health,

The Editors

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