Congratulations! You're more than halfway through the 21 day Vegan Keto Diet Plan, and closer than ever to your ultimate health goals. Today, enjoy a delicious cinnamon chia shake for breakfast, a breadless sandwich for lunch, classic guacamole with crunchy flaxseed chips for a healthy snack, and a savory cauliflower fried rice dinner. Eating avocados around 3 pm for a snack is one of the smartest and healthiest ways to avoid binge eating since the fruit can help you stay full for up to five hours.

The Vegan Keto Diet Meal Plan: Day 12

Your vegan keto recipes for day 12: Cinnamon Chia Shake for breakfast, Everything-But-the-Bread Sandwich for lunch, Flaxseed Chips and Guacamole for snack and Cauliflower Fried Rice for dinner.

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