Sandra Oh and 20 Others It Might Surprise You to Learn Are Plant-Based

|Updated Dec 14, 2021
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Not all plant-based celebrities are as vocal about their cruelty-free diet as Joaquim Phoenix, or at least it's not the main topic interviews tend to focus on, so many people on this list may actually come as a surprise. It's common knowledge in Hollywood that celebrities will temporarily adopt a vegan diet to lose weight for glamour shots, a movie role, or to slim down for a vacation when paparazzi can catch them "off guard at the beach."

Some celebrities go on and off their vegan diets, and don't want to be "caught" eating fish or poultry or dairy, so they don't self- identify as vegan. At The Beet we applaud any attempt to embrace a plant-based or plant-forward lifestyle and this list is inclusive of anyone who has "ditched meat" or dairy, or is stealthily vegan, since they may be doing it for reasons of their own, whether it's health, the planet, or animals. Phoenix gripped the audience during the Oscars with his heartfelt speech of animal awareness, but whatever reason stars have for turning toward the plant-based lifestyle, we want to be inspired by their healthier choices.

1. Paul McCartney, a living rock legend and influential advocate for vegetarianism

Sir James Paul McCartney is no stranger to a meat-free life as he's been a vegetarian for 45 years. He initially went vegetarian in 1975 with his first wife Linda McCartney and began his advocacy for animal rights. You have probably heard of the movement #meatlessmondays and have seen the hashtag on your Instagram feed. Yes, it means that you avoid eating meat on Mondays but what you may not know is Paul McCartney and daughters, Stella and Mary McCartney launched the first "Meat-free Monday" campaign in 2009 that started the popular movement and hashtag. Stella McCartney, Paul's second daughter, is a well-known fashion designer to ethical vegetarian luxury clothing brand Stella McCartney.

Paul works closely with PETA to voice opinions about animal rights. In November, he launched a campaign with the nonprofit to encourage others to say no to turkey for Thanksgiving. The campaign shows Paul wearing a T-shirt with the saying " EAT NO" and an image of a turkey below the phrase. Just recently he used his voice to advocate for the abolishment of "wet markets" and we expect to hear more from him in the coming days on related topics.

We give Paul a round of applause on and off stage for his efforts to inspire others to limit meat on Mondays and use ethical practices in your daily food consumption.

2. Sia, Australian singer, and songwriter.

If you find yourself constantly singing along to the song The Greatest, then you're already a Sia fan. Sia tweeted that she is "fully vegan now" back in 2014 and stays true to her word.

She's actively involved in different vegan awareness campaigns and a documentary film. And, you probably didn't know that she recently shared a vegan pie with Scooby-Doo and Shaggy on the animated Scooby-Doo Where Are You! series. Sia cares deeply about animal welfare and teamed up with PETA to launch her own campaign to pledge the end of animal homelessness. She's also appeared in the documentary, Dominion, along with Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, which covers modern animal agriculture through hidden cameras.

3. Sandra Oh, who as Cristina Yang on Grey's Anatomy keeps Meredith sane

Way back at the start of Grey's Anatomy, Sandra Oh took the cast out for a plant-based lunch at Truly Vegan in Hollywood. We want to ask her, was this the spark that got Ellen Pompeo to go vegan? In her effort to inspire contemporaries to eat vegan, the TV star is known to invite her friends for vegan meals that are delicious. She adopted the vegan lifestyle years ago and continues to quietly live a cruelty-free life. Understandably, she keeps it private and hasn't shared any new information about her vegan journey of late, but according to one source, she feels it is a "lifestyle," not a dietary choice.

4. Gisele Bündchen, Brazilian supermodel, spokesperson, and Tom Brady's better half

Giselle revealed that when she was at the peak of her modeling career, her diet consisted of "cigarettes, wine, and mocha Frappuccinos," according to an interview in People Magazine. Now 39 and the mother of two children, Gisele eats a "mostly" plant-based diet to nourish her body and stay fueled.

Her family, including her children Vivian and Benjamin, all eat this way because it's "healthy and good for the planet." Brady is known to keep a super-strict, mostly plant-based diet, which he credits for staying fit, strong and healthy enough to be about to enter his 21st season in the NFL, starting his third decade as QB for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this coming fall, after winning 6 Superbowl rings with the New England Patriots.

Gisele shared with People what she eats in a day, starting with a green juice, vegetable soup for lunch, hummus and crudités for a snack, and leafy greens with quinoa for dinner. She also loves chamomile tea before bedtime. Talk about the perfect couple.

5. Alec Baldwin, star of 30 Rock,  It's Complicated, and SNL as "Trump"

Alec Baldwin has made a bigger commitment to plant-based eating since he was first told by doctors that he was pre-diabetic and needed to change his diet. That was decades ago. But, over the last few years, he's been vocal about the benefits not only to his health but also the impact plant-based eating has on the environment. In a CNN article written by Baldwin entitled "The path to a better planet goes across your plate" Baldwin explains how "Human activity is fundamentally altering the planet."

He writes that "In wealthier countries, we also need to shift our diets away from rampant overconsumption, notably of meat, and toward a nutritious mix of plant-based foods that are less resource-intensive, require less land, and are better for our health."

Of course, Alec Baldwin met his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, at New York's Pure Food and Wine eatery, a popular raw vegan boîte.

6. Miley Cyrus, singer, songwriter, actress, and animal advocate

Miley adopted a gluten-free diet back in 2012 for health reasons and two years later, committed to a vegan diet she still lives by today. In a tweet to PETA, she thanked the organization..." for giving me the honor of receiving the Best Voice 4 Animals award! Living a completely vegan lifestyle, whether it's what I eat or wear I am very certain that veganism is taking over and stoked to see so many brands jumpin' on this revolution!"

The animal-loving celeb wrote on Instagram, “if you choose to eat meat … you love pets, not animals." She recently adopted a dog from an animal shelter with new boyfriend Cody Simpson, click here to read see their cute newest puppy.

On another note, in case you're not up to date with the Miley and Liam break up, Liam Hemsworth just announced he dropped his vegan diet after developing kidney stones. But, Miley continues to speak up for the "voiceless" and uses her massive Instagram following of 107 million followers to advocate for the cruelty-free lifestyle.

7. Pamela Anderson, former Baywatch star, Playboy centerfold, and animal activist

We all remember Pamela Anderson as the curvaceous blonde in the hit series Baywatch as she played Casey Jean in the red one-piece swimsuit that brought her world-class fame. She is a life-long active animal rights advocate and teamed up with PETA to join the Animal Protection Organization. "I can’t stay silent when animals are suffering or abused," Anderson said.  She became vegetarian at a young age growing up in a household of hunters in Western Canada, and could not fathom the idea of animal cruelty after seeing her father a hang up a deer head as a trophy.

Anderson doesn't wear real leather or faux fur since she doesn't like the concept of appearing to be wearing the real thing. Still, in order to promote moving consumers away from leather and fur, she sent her friends, Kim Kardashian and Melania Trump faux fur jackets so they would stop wearing real animal skins. Anderson wants to advise people that, “Being vegan is an aphrodisiac diet. It’s a win-win. Meat makes you impotent and unhealthy."

8. Kristen Stewert, known for her break-out role as Bella in the Twilight Series

"We shouldn't eat as much meat guys," Kristen Stewart  told GQ in an interview in January. The Twilight star has made a full 180 from vampire to vegan. When she appeared on the game show "Hot Ones" she chose to skip the wings and instead compete by eating increasing spicier sauce on vegan cauliflower wings  Host Sean Evans allows his celebrity guests to choose whether they want to compete with real or faux meat and when someone like Paul Rudd opts for vegan wings it sends the vegan world into a paroxysm of speculation as to whether the star has gone vegan.

The question still lingers, When did Stewart go vegan? Was it before her vampire role in The Twilight series, or in time for the Charlie's Angel remake she was promoting last January? There's no actual confirmation from Stewart herself but  British Vogue has quoted her as saying her new diet "makes her feel like a woman." Before, she had a more boyish body.   When GQ asked Stewart what she ate her answer revealed her new vegan bent:

"Everything. Well I mean honestly, we shouldn't eat as much meat guys," she replied. "You know what I'm saying? But like I'm trying a lot, hard. I'm trying earnestly." We applaud that.

9. Jared Leto, American actor starred in Suicide Squad and Dallas Buyers' Club

Remember the 2016 Joker played by Jared Leto? You probably painted your face and dyed your hair green for Halloween to look like him. Well, this award-winning actor eats a high-protein diet consisting of only plants. Leto, who has been plant-based for 20 years, says it keeps him "shredded" in an interview.  Now, 48, Leto looks half his age.

From time to time, fans ask questions on his Instagram: How do you burn fat so fast? How do you build muscle easily? Leto told Billboard magazine the secrets to his fit physique and low body fat is eating plant-based. “Twenty solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself,” he answers. Leto also enjoys hiking, yoga, and lifting weights.

In his interview with Billboard, Leto ate vegan tacos while answering questions about his rapid weight gain to play the role of the villain in the Suicide Squad. He reported that he bulked up by eating a strict high-protein plant-based diet.

10. Jaden Smith, rapper, songwriter, actor, activist and entrepreneur

Jaden Smith switched up his diet from vegan to vegetarian, meaning that he doesn't eat meat but does eat dairy from time to time. In a recent article by Plant Based News, Smith admits he skipped meals and was not getting the proper nutrition when he was vegan, but this hasn't stopped him from espousing the plant-based life.

For his 21st birthday in July 2019, Smith donated free vegan meals to the homeless in downtown Los Angeles. Smith opened up his own food truck called the I LOVE YOU Restaurant, and served the homeless vegan food on Skid Row. We appreciate Smith's initiative to help those in need by deciding to serve nutritious plant-based food.

11. Meghan Markle ensures she eats mostly plant-based and stays active

Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex has never admitted to being fully vegan, but sources say, she eats a plant-based diet most days during the week. She is teaching Prince Harry vegan cooking and in a Plant-Based News article, Markle explained how she hopes to raise baby Archie on a mostly vegan diet. However, before leaving for America, there was reportedly some tension with the Queen about her plans to raise the royal baby vegan. Maybe Queen Elizabeth has since changed her mind, though, since Her Majesty just celebrated her 94th birthday and PETA sent her a vegan meatless pie!

Meghan reported to Good Housekeeping magazine that she takes her Vitamix blender everywhere she goes to make her nutritious plant-based shakes. "When I had my car brought out [to Canada], I shipped my Vitamix in the backseat... I cannot travel without my Vitamix."

Known for her posh and propper style, Markle wears clothes by Stella McCartney, a well-known vegetarian who innovates in the cruelty-free luxury market.  Markle even refuses to wear fake furs and told Good Housekeeping Magazine back when she appeared on Suits: "My wardrobe for my part in Suits isn't like Working Girl – dressing for work doesn't have to be so on-the-nose these days...personally, I love cropped pants in vegan leather, a great fitted blazer and a button-down [shirt]." A big tennis fan, Markle is close to Serena Williams, our next vegan celeb.

12. Serena Williams, 23-time Grand Slam Tennis Champion

As a professional athlete, fueling the body is a key factor to Willaim's successes. In a Bon Appetite article, she explained that she adopted a plant-based diet back in 2012, she was eating a lot "healthier" for her sister, Venus, who eats a strict vegan diet for health reasons.

Venus labeled Serena as "chegan," meaning she is mostly vegan but occasionally eats chicken -- but Serena notes "I don't eat red meat or pork." Serena mentioned we would find her fridge full of "coconut water, Gatorade (my favorite!), cucumbers, mint, kale, vegetables, ginger, and wheatgrass."

The Beet reported on Serena's husband, Alexis Ohanian, telling GQ that he was going plant-based "to be a better dad" for their daughter Olympia. (We love that.)

Back in March, Serena Williams introduced a new vegan clothing line to her fashion brand, "Serena," the vegan leather pants and leather blazer sold out within the weeks of the launch date. She wears her favorite giraffe-print dress in the photo above.

The Williams sisters rally to support the vegan lifestyle and Serena's husband, Alexis Ohanian, is on board, click here to read why Ohanian made this healthy lifestyle switch.

13. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market.

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The popular grocery store, Whole Foods Market sells vegan products and nonvegan products which arises black lash from ethical vegans as CEO John Mackey follows a strict vegan diet. The successful businessman grew up in Houston Texas and told Business Insider that he would traditionally eat processed foods for dinner while watching TV with his family. Now, Mackey steers clear from the processed isle and eats a clean vegan diet and feels amazing at the age of 65. During his interview with Business Insider, the mentioned he eats only 3 vegan meals a day and rarely snacks, but when he does, it's only a couple of Medjool dates.

John Mackey is the author of the popular book, The Whole Foods Diet: The Lifesaving Plan for Health and Longevityand swears that much of his success has come from eating vegan. Mackey, who's dedicated to living a plant-based lifestyle, takes his rice cooker on the road with him because he travels a lot for work. His favorite breakfast is steel-cut oats cooked in his rice cooker and he'll pop into the nearest Whole Foods for lunch, and makes a "big salad" and eats steamed veggies "with some kind of lentil" for dinner with his wife Deborah.

14. Jason Mraz, an American singer, and songwriter.

Jason Mraz, singer of the popular song, I'm Yours, committed to a vegan diet to support his friend diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. Mraz says he eats mostly raw food and told magazine sources his favorite vegan dish is "Chocomole, a mixture of avocados, dates, cacao, agave nectar, and coconut oil."

In addition to his raw plant-based diet, Mraz told Vegetarian Times he doesn't put a lot of "stress on his diet," and he occasionally heats up a bowl of soup or roast vegetables and admits he is probably eating a 75% raw diet. And, just like Meghan Markel, Mraz loves his Vitamix and blends together a mixture of raw foods and powders before he takes a flight.

15. Leona Lewis, British singer, songwriter, actress, model, and activist.

Long time vegan, Leona Lewis grew up in a vegan household and continues to eat a plant-based diet. Lewis first adopted the diet at 12 when she learned about the health risks of eating animal products but told Women's Health Magazine she occasionally eats an omelet. She also mentioned her 2:30 lunch is normally a kale salad topped with dried cranberries and she loves a veggie stir-fry for dinner. Recently, Leona Lewis married Dennis Jauch at Sting's Estate in Italy. The couple celebrated with delicious vegan Italian dishes by pastry chef Marco Falla who created a vegan version of Millefeuille, normally made with dairy.

16. Hannah Teter, Olympic snowboarding gold medalist in 2006

Hannah Teter changed her diet after watching the documentary, Earthlings when she discovered how "horrible" factory farming is. After a strict vegetarian diet, Teter liked the way she performed as an athlete and believes that her diet helped her win gold at the 2006 games.

She now considers herself "plant-based" and in an interview with the Huffington Post, Teter mentioned," I feel stronger than I’ve ever been, mentally, physically, and emotionally. My plant-based diet has opened up more doors to being an athlete. It’s a whole other level that I’m elevating to. I stopped eating animals about a year ago, and it’s a new life. I feel like a new person, a new athlete."

17. Maggie Q, star of Nikita and Designated Survivor among many roles

You may recognize Maggie Q as the star of the Nikita series, but in the plant-based world, she's well-known for her heroic activism. Maggie Q has followed a strict vegan diet for 19 years, making her a true veteran of the lifestyle. She made the plant-based diet transition because she felt sluggish and had low energy, she has said. The famous actress keeps in shape by eating veggies and plant-based protein and working out with a passion. The Beet caught up with Maggie Q last summer to hear about her latest project, her sustainable activewear line called Qeep Up that gives back to charities that support ocean life. We adore Maggie Q, and everything she's done to help the environment and protect animals. Her most recent series, Designated Survivor, was picked up by Netflix so enjoy a binge-watching party.

Read More: Maggie Q On Her New Sustainable Activewear Line, Qeep Up |

18. Madelaine Petsch, who plays Cheryl Blossom on The CW show Riverdale

Winner of the first Masterchef vegan cook-off with Gordon Ramsay, Madelaine Petsch was raised vegetarian and went completely vegan at age 14. She claims that she started this diet before it was "trendy" and shot a campaign for PETA last year wearing a dress made of bok choy. Petsch says her vegan diet allows her to feel "healthier" and not "lethargic."

She told PETA that her favorite restaurant is Veggie Grill, but it changes from time to time and her favorite snack is shaved beets popped in the oven, baked into crispy chips. The advice Petsch gives to plant-leaning or plant-curious  in her PETA video is: "As long as you're aware, that's the first step."

19. Millie Bobbi Brown, Stranger Things star, founder of a vegan beauty line

After doing a little sleuthing on her social media platforms we think Millie Bobbi Brown qualifies as plant-based. Whether or not she is actually skipping all meat and dairy, one thing is for sure: She eats mostly salads, vegetables and grains and lives a predominantly plant-based lifestyle full of healthy foods. The famous actress recently launched a new vegan beauty line called Florence by Millis. The makeup products, which include skin tints and eye gel pads, are certified vegan by the animal rights organization PETA.

20. Chloe and Halle Bailey, singers, sister stars of the Freeform show, Grownish.

The grammy-nominated sisters went vegan for a week with their mom but liked it so much they decided to stick with it. For one thing, it helps keep their "voices in shape" by eating a vegan diet and they emphasize the fact that dairy helps to limit extra mucus build-up, according to a PETA interview. The proteges of Beyonce were discovered when their YouTube cover of her song "Pretty Hurts" reached the superstar herself, and she helped launch their careers. Now 19 and 17, the duo have 2.4 million followers on Instagram and have moved from their hometown of Atlanta to LA to star in their own show, Grownish. They found that the vegan lifestyle was super easy in their hometown. "Eggs and dairy never sat well with me … so it was easy,” Chloe told Complex. “When we moved to L.A., it really became easy. So many vegan restaurants and vegan aisles in the grocery store are like heaven for us!

21. Hilary Duff, Lizzie Mcguire Star, mom, and beauty founder

Best known for her role as Lizzie Mcguire in the long-running series, Hilary Duff is a recent vegan advocate and entrepreneur. She recently launched the vegan and cruelty-free eyeshadow palette, "Day Dreamer" and changed her diet to plant-based last fall.

In addition to her ethical and cruelty-free practices, Duff partnered with Unilever and Walmart to create a campaign that educates consumers on recycling practices. Duff notes, "I care about the planet and the future of what it looks like for my kids...and generations to follow us. The time is now to be responsible and lower our carbon footprint."

Duff follows a "clean eating plan" which doesn't include meat or dairy because she wants to lower her carbon footprint. She told One Green Planet she's lost 10 pounds since she's started eating this way last October.