Alexis Ohanian, also known as Serena Williams' husband, father of their daughter Alexis Olympia, and oh, yes, co-founder of Reddit, has a new podcast about being a dad. Called "Business Dad," the show examines the bigger questions about balancing work and fatherhood, and also the big existential questions about the purpose of work, the definition of success, and how to live a better life. He also decided to shake up his diet and recently told that he went plant-based to be healthier.

It all started after watching an early cut of The Game Changers documentary (he was asked to be an executive producer and lept at the chance). Then he tried an Impossible Burger and liked it so much, he invested in the company. Now Ohanian has gone full-tilt on the plant-based life and is finding that for his health, his ability to focus and his performance in his day-to-day tasks, plant-based is working for him.

Marriage and fatherhood can change even the most hardened bachelor, steak-lover and high-flying executive. To hear Ohanian talk about his daughter Alexis Olympia, on his podcast, it's clear that she has had a powerful effect on his life. Other than asking the big-seeking questions about the meaning of work, the details matter. For him, that includes eating plant-based. For the sake of his focus, his ability to work effectively, and see the fruits of his labor, Ohanian tells GQ that he adopted a plant-based diet. It's all in service of being a more successful human, which is a way of finding more purpose in his work, and the goals he sets for himself and his company. Here is what he has to say to GQ about his recent diet changes.

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Ohanian tells GQ that it all came together for him when Serena got pregnant, and he realized he needed to make some changes as well. "I don't want to be an unhealthy, lethargic dad when Olympia wants to practice soccer in the backyard," Ohanian shared.

"I spent all of my 20s focused single-mindedly on my work—I made sacrifices to myself physically and mentally in the pursuit of that. Previously, there were weeks where I'd order a ton of steaks on Instacart and put some spinach leaves on the side as my “side salad.” I'd eat that three, four, five times a week. Easy."

That all changed when he watched the documentary The Game Changers, which for Ohanian was indeed a game-changer. The filmmakers ("Avatar" director James Cameron and "The Cove" director Louis Psihoyos) asked him if he would be an executive producer. And since so many of the subjects are large male athletes, "big dudes like me," he thought, it made a lot of sense.

Those big dudes only ate plants and made the argument that it helped them build their strength, stamina, and endurance, which reduced their recovery time and injuries. Around the same time, Ohanian tried his first Impossible Burger, and he said he thought, “Damn! This is good!” He invested in the company and jumped on the plant-based bandwagon.

Williams taught Ohanian the benefits of working out on an empty stomach to burn more fat and get more afterburn. He tells of how we used to eat before workouts and now, he follows his wife's lead and waits to refuel after. Williams is on a "whole other level" when it comes to working out and fueling up, Ohanian told GQ.

For the full story on and all the other stars from sports, business and the restaurant and food worlds check out the GQ story here.


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